Our Raleigh Preschool Philosophy

At Primary Beginnings Child Development Centers, we believe that children are a product of their learning environment. So we have made it our priority to provide a positive environment to foster the creativity and learning of our children. Our Raleigh preschool helps children to learn, and build self-esteem through play. Our staff works with parents to help each child reach their full potential in developing physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Our 5-Star child care centers in Raleigh support grassroots advocacy for young children. We are proud to be members of the following organizations:

  • NCLCCA – NC Licensed Child Care Association
  • NCCA – National Child Care Association
  • NAEYC – National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • NCaeye & Wake-aeyc
  • NCECA – NC Early Childhood Association
  • NCCCC – NC Child Care Coalition

Primary Beginnings Raleigh preschools offers a 5-star accredited program for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers designed to enhance creative learning and self-confidence while providing a solid foundation for their education.

We work hard to ensure that preschoolers are well-prepared for their transition into Kindergarten. Even our after school care children are provided with active stimuli to keep them engaged and learning.

This objective starts with our infant child care program and continues to develop as your child develops and makes it through our preschool program. Our staff is continually participating in continuing education and trainings on different aspects of child development.

Most importantly, we want for the parents of our children to feel comfortable and confident with our Raleigh child care center. We provide daily communication through Kid Reports, and constantly work to maintain our 5-star child care that parents expect.

Learn more about our Raleigh Preschool philosophy by contacting our 5-star child care center.