7 Reasons to Stop Having Preschool Guilt

preschool guilt raleighSo it’s finally come time to go back to work after your maternity leave, or perhaps your in-home nanny has become too expensive. Maybe the situation with your kind and generous relative has changed and they can’t help out with child care as much as they used to. Maybe you’ve realized that working from home is not the same thing as a stay-at-home parent or you’ve realized you need more “me” time during the week. Whatever the reason that made you start to consider preschool for your infant, toddler, or pre-K, there’s probably a good chance that you’ve started to feel a bit guilty about it.

There’s No Reason to Feel Preschool Guilt

In spite of the guilt that you’re feeling, remember that this feeling is very common. Most parents feel guilt for starting preschool or child care for their young children. The good news is that not only is placing your child in preschool great for you and your spouse, but it’s also nurturing and beneficial for your child.
  1. Preschool Helps Socialize Your Child

    Socializing is one of the most important parts of a young child’s development, as it’s a lifelong skill. Preschool and child care environments help your child learn to be sociable with other children and with adults.
  2. Preschool Helps Your Child Be Smarter (And Learn How to Behave)

    Studies have shown that children who attend high-quality preschool and child care are less likely to misbehave and more likely to be “good.” This also was associated with higher cognitive and academic scores later in life.
  3. Preschool Helps Your Child Be Healthier

    Your preschooler might seem to get sick more often when they’re attending child care, but this works out later when they’re older. In spite of getting sick frequently during preschool, children who attend preschool have the tendency to get sick less often in elementary, middle, and high school.
  4. Your Child Isn’t Going to Hold It Against You

    In spite of the tears that might spill (your child’s or your own) when it comes time to drop them off at preschool in the morning, your child isn’t going to hate you for leaving them there. They won’t remember the dropping off and picking up, and they immediately start having fun when they arrive.
  5. Preschool Helps Your Child Be Independent

    Time spent away from you every day and spent with other children and adults helps foster independence. This also reduces the possibility of separation anxiety and is a necessary part of your child’s development.
  6. Preschool Helps You and Your Child Set Routines

    Morning and afternoon routines are a good and necessary part of your young child’s life and even your own. Going to preschool helps to establish routines for your child and will help smooth other events or transitions down the road, such as a nap schedule.
  7. Preschool Helps You Be a Good and Functional Parent

    Whatever your reasons for considering preschool or child care, they are not selfish. If you need to go back to work to make money, work is a good thing financially and especially so for you to have adult interaction. If you need “me” time during the week, you should take it – how are you supposed to care for your child if you aren’t also caring for yourself?
Preschool and child care programs are beneficial both to you and to your child – whether your needs be financial, situational, or emotional; and for your child developmentally. While it is normal to feel guilty about spending time away from your child, there’s no good reason to feel guilty.

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