Primary Beginnings Lauches Kid Reports Program!

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Primary Beginnings Child Development Centerss are excited to announce the implementation of the Kid Reports Program into our Raleigh child care centers. Starting February 1, 2016, Kid Reports electronic communication will replace all forms of paper communication from Primary Beginnings.

What is Kid Reports?

Kid Reports is an electronic communication system for our Raleigh preschool to use to better communicate with our parents. Communication can reach parents quicker and easier than paper communication and allows us to reduce our internal costs on paper.

How do I Sign Up?

Primary Beginnings has sent out an email to each parent, giving them instructions on how to set up their Kid Reports account. Parents can customize their settings and how they wish to receive notifications; email, text message, or through the downloadable app. Parents can also choose what activities they want notifications about. If you didn’t get the Kid Reports to account email or need a new one, please call your child’s Primary Beginnings location.

What Will I Get?

Parents will get communication about the facility which could include:
  • News
  • Real-time alerts
  • Lunch and snack menus
  • Special announcements
  • Photos or videos of their child participating in new learning opportunities
  • Daily reports for your child
  • Other notifications that you sign up for
  • Historic records of reports and announcements
We are very excited about this new program! Parents can now receive information quicker and easier, and allows Primary Beginnings to be more transparent, and also more environmentally friendly! If you have questions about Kid Reports, please contact your child’s preschool location or ask their teacher.