How to Make the Tooth Fairy Magical

August 24, 2020

It’s official – your preschooler has a wiggling tooth that is ready to come out. This is a big step for both you and your child! You’re feeling disbelief that your baby is losing a baby tooth, and your child may be feeling scared, excited, or completely unmoved (rare, but it does happen). If your child is asking about the Tooth Fairy, or you want to assuage some fears about losing a tooth, we’re sharing some ways you can make the Tooth Fairy magical for your preschooler!

An Extra Special Tooth Pillow

Having a special pillow for your child to put their tooth in is one of the most common ways to make losing a tooth feel a bit more special. Plus, it’s one of the easiest, too. Walmart carries the pillows, but if you want one that is a bit more special, check out the creative, handmade options on Etsy, or consider making one yourself with a small, plain pillow, some felt, and a glue gun.

Even better, your child can place their tooth in the pillow pocket and set it on their bedside table or beside their pillow. At night, when the Tooth Fairy visits, “she” won’t have to worry about reaching under a pillow and waking your child up. Simply get the tooth, place $1 bill (or your chosen amount or gift) in the pocket, and your child will wake up the next day with a special surprise and a certainty that they were visited during the night.

Every Fairy Leaves Behind Fairy Dust

Leaving behind tiny footprints on the windowsill or a sparkly trail of glitter from the window to the bed is a fun way for your child to see that they got a visit the night before! We know, the idea of sprinkling powdered sugar or glitter may make you cringe at the thought of cleanup, so consider small flower petals instead that will vacuum or sweep easily.

For a near mess-free sparkle, consider spraying a bit of sprayable glitter on any paper money you leave behind (or a glitter shaker and hairspray). It will adhere to the paper and not to your hands, floor, furniture, pets…you get the idea. Just make sure you spray the glitter over top of some newspaper or a box.

Provide “Evidence” of the Tooth Fairy’s Visit

Kids today are a bit skeptical of magic, but what if you could provide proof? With the I Saw the Tooth Fairy app, you can! Download the free app and take a photo of your child while they’re asleep. The app will place an overlay of an animated Tooth Fairy that flies around and sprinkles fairy dust.

If you’d rather keep things low-tech, or you’re worried this might actually scare your child, try leaving a good old-fashioned note from the Tooth Fairy to your child. A piece of pretty paper and a sparkly gel pen with a message about taking good care of their teeth wrapped around their reward can become a treasured keepsake.

Favorite Tooth Fairy Books

Of course, you can’t go wrong with books, and our preschool loves creating magic through reading stories. Here are some great options you can find at the local bookstore or library:

  • How to Trick the Tooth Fairy – Erin Danielle Russell
  • How to Catch the Tooth Fairy – Adam Wallace
  • What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth? – Denise Barry
  • The Night Before the Tooth Fairy – Natasha Wing

Let Us Help Make Your Child’s World More Magical

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