Starting Your Child in an After School Program

After School RaleighOnly about 15% of children across the U.S. are enrolled in an after school program. Being enrolled in educational activities after school provides the child a stable routine that helps them learn and retain their school lessons. If your child isn't already enrolled in an after school program, you may want to considering starting.

After School Program Benefits

Studies show time and time again that children between Kindergarten and 5th grade who participate in a structured after-school program improve their academic achievement. It not only establishes a good routine, but certified after school programs even have qualified teachers on hand who can help kids with their homework. Another benefit of after school programs is the peace of mind it gives parents. Most parents have jobs that keep them at the office from 9am until at least 5:00pm. Often times even later when the parent has to drive and deal with traffic from busy RTP. This means kids are home alone after school for often up to 3 or 4 hours. An after school program solves this need for busy parents by watching the children and helping them stay productive, social, and not just sitting at home watching TV!

Raleigh After School Programs

Every community has different standards and needs for after school programs. In Raleigh, Primary Beginnings has set up three different after school child care locations because the city is sprawled out and neighborhoods are broken up into smaller groups. They also focus their programs on Creative CurriculumĀ® while other after school programs might focus on another early childhood approach to learning. It is important to find the right fit for you and your child.

Ready to start your child on the right path today? Request a tour of one of our Raleigh after school program locations near you!