Water Safety for Your Preschooler

Water safety awareness is not only important at Raleigh child care centers, but for parents as well. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death among preschoolers between 1-4 years old and the third leading cause of death among all children.

preschooler swimming safely

To keep water play as fun and exciting as it should be, read these safety tips for the next time you head to the beach, lake or your local pool.

Water Safety Tips

  1. Never leave small children unsupervised. Give children who are around or in water your undivided attention as drowning can happen quickly and silently.
  2. Keep infants and toddlers within arm's reach. Babies can drown in as little as one inch of water, making it extremely important to keep an eye on them and keep them close.
  3. Learn CPR. Learning CPR is a great skill to have, not for just water safety purposes but for all child related activities. Check with your local hospital, fire department or recreation center for CPR training classes.
  4. Enroll your child in swimming lessons. Every child is different, so start swimming lessons when you feel your child is ready. Lessons will help teach your child to float, tread water and other water safety rules.
  5. Teach your child the buddy system. Teach your child to never go swimming alone and to make sure a parent or adult is always around when they want to go swimming.

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