We Are 5 Star Rated Preschools in Raleigh

Raleigh 5 Star Preschool - Primary Beginnings Preschool

As a parent, you always want the best things for your child, especially when it comes to preschool and child care providers. Primary Beginnings is committed to providing high-quality child care in Raleigh for young children and both of our preschools in Spring Forest and North Hills have earned 5 Star Child Care Quality Ratings from the state of North Carolina.

What is a Five Star Rated Preschool?

The North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education (NCDCDEE) issues star rated licenses to child care centers and homes that are eligible. The star rating is based on two factors: program standards and staff education.

One star means that a child care center or preschool meets the minimum licensing standards for child care. Two to five stars mean that the child care center voluntarily chose to meet higher standards than the minimum, and to what degree. Both of Primary Beginnings preschools have been rated five stars, meaning that they well exceed the standards that North Carolina sets for preschools and child care centers.

Program standards are evaluated based on the size, variety, and cleanliness of the play and activity area; the number of staff per child; and interactions the young children have with adults, each other, and their activities. For a preschool that seeks a five star rating, an environmental rating scale is also completed, which is determined by evaluators visiting the location to observe children in the environment to see how often good health practices are followed, how well interactions with children go, the amount and nature of activities offered, and the overall safety of the area.

Education standards are not reflective of the program given, but rather the level of education the administrator and staff have achieved. To receive a minimum star rating, the lead teacher must have at least received a North Carolina Early Childhood Credential. Higher star ratings are determined by the education and experience levels of the administrator and teachers, the number of child care credentials held by teachers, and the number of teachers with formal education and experience. In short, a five star rated preschool reflects that the staff are extremely well educated and experienced in early childhood development and learning. This level of expertise results in better management of the center and better experiences and learning for your children.

Why Does the Five Star Rating Matter?

The early years of your child’s life are the most important. Having positive experiences and interactions at this time are crucial for their development. The more time that they spend learning and playing in a stable, nurturing environment during their early years will set the path for their lifelong development and behavior patterns into a good direction.

For these reasons, the NCDCDEE developed the rating system so that you and parents like you can make informed decisions about your child’s preschool or child care. A five star rating shows not only compliance with state regulations, but a commitment to quality child care and early development.

Raleigh Preschool Health and Safety

Both of our preschools are visited annually to ensure that the program and facilities are in compliance with state child care regulations. These inspections, maintained by the NCDCDEE, include health and safety regulations, as well as a sanitation report for which both our North Hills and Spring Forest locations consistently receive “Superior” classifications.

Preschool and Child Care Licenses in Raleigh

For more information about the licensing process and the rating system, please visit the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education’s website. Make sure that you have all the information so that you can make the best decision for your child’s future.

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