Extracurricular Activities

At some point or another, every child needs a break from the demands of school and learning to enjoy some fun and less mentally challenging activities. That is why although we maintain an educational, nurturing environment in our facilities, we also offer extracurricular activities for your child as well. Extracurricular activities are an important part of the development of children, as they offer a massive list of benefits. Some of the main benefits include:  

  • Improved academic performance
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Increased social opportunities
  • Ability to explore interests
  • Productive breaks from schooling
  • Physical benefits (for select activities)
  • Development of life skills (problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, communication, etc.)

Ultimately, extracurricular activities provide more opportunities for your child to learn and grow, while they take a much-needed, fun break from the more serious pace of learning and school.

Extracurricular Activities We Offer in Raleigh

Here at Primary Beginnings in Raleigh, extracurricular activities that provide physical fitness and further motor development are considered extremely important to us. Below are just a couple of examples of how we encourage extracurricular activities. 

Weekly Yoga Classes

At Primary Beginnings, we're committed to nurturing your child's growth in positive ways. Starting at age 2, we offer weekly yoga classes to help children develop healthy habits for life.

Yoga is great for stretching and staying flexible, plus it's a healthy way for your child to clear their mind and boost mental clarity. It's a great active break from schoolwork and a chance to clear your child's mind. Practicing yoga can help balance metabolism, improve breathing, and even make you less prone to injuries — which is great for little ones participating in sports.

Preschool children participate in yoga classes

Spanish Classes

Learning Spanish is not just beneficial—it's also incredibly fun! Spanish is one of the easiest languages for young learners to pick up. Introducing your child to a new language early, especially during their first eight years, taps into their natural ability to learn through observation and repetition, much like how they acquire their first language.

Remember how you learned with songs and games in elementary school? This same approach works wonders for language learning. By engaging with Spanish through music and interactive games, your child will naturally begin to link words with their meanings, making the learning process both enjoyable and effective.

At Primary Beginnings, we offer weekly Spanish classes for children ages 2 and up, designed to give them a head start in language learning in a lively, supportive environment. Contact us today to find out more about our Spanish program and how it can enrich your child’s developmental journey.

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