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Holly Bryant – Center Director

Mayveta Cooke – Assistant Director

5-Star Child Care Raleigh

Primary Beginnings is proud to offer 5-star child care at our newest location on Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh, North Carolina. Located near I-540/Northern Wake Expressway and Sandy Forks Road, Falls of Neuse happily provides professional child care, preschool, and extracurricular activities to children as young as infants and as wise as those in K-5.

Raleigh child care - Primary Beginnings

Our child care center in Raleigh provides a learning environment that is both stimulating and fun for children. To that end, Primary Beginnings offers early childhood development for infants and toddlers, a stimulating preschool curriculum, after-school care, and extracurricular activities. To inquire about enrollment or to schedule a free tour at our Falls of Neuse locations, fill out our online form today!

Development and Child Care Raleigh

The first months of your child’s life are crucial to their development. In the infant stage, your child is learning about their environment, learning how to express their emotions, and developing important cognitive abilities. Primary Beginnings offers 5-star infant care in a warm, friendly environment that is safe and stimulating for developing babies. To foster your child’s development, your little one will enjoy playing with toys that present a challenge they have to solve. For example, your child may pick up a circle-shaped object and place it through a circle-shaped hole. In doing so, your child will learn that the circle won’t fit in the triangle hole and so on. Your child will also be exposed to various textures, sounds, and shapes that will further their cognitive development. Rest assured, you won’t miss a moment of your child’s memorable moments thanks to our ProCare Connect program which features real-time updates, daily reports, and regular in-person and electronic communications.

Raleigh Preschool Program

Primary Beginnings proudly offers a well-rounded curriculum that is crucial in the development of preschoolers’ cognitive and social skills. Our richly diverse educational environment offers preschoolers an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills, both educationally and socially. In our preschool program, your child will take lessons in language, literacy, science, and math. In your child’s preschool years, they are developing important skills that will help guide them throughout their entire life. With that said, it is our top priority to assist your preschooler with guidance that will foster their routines, emotions, knowledge, and more. Since our preschool program is tailored to each individual child, we can ensure that your child is experiencing the right learning style for their needs.

To further enhance your child’s education, Primary Beginnings proudly offers Spanish classes to children ages 2-4 years old. Just like in our infant care program, we provide parents with ProCare Connect, a program that features real-time updates, daily reports, and regular in-person and electronic communications. You can access these features from your smartphone or laptop, so you’re sure to keep up with your child even when you’re at work and they’re at school.

After School Care in Raleigh

To help bridge the gap between school and the end of the day, we are proud to offer after school care. To make your life easier, Primary Beginnings offers after school care for children from kindergarten to grade school that is both nurturing, educational, and of course, safe. We provide snacks, outdoor activities, and an environment in which your child can do their homework. In an effort to help your child unwind in a healthy way, our after school program is designed to make your child feel safe and happy with plenty of social time and physical activity outdoors.

Extracurricular Activities at Primary Beginnings

Extracurricular activities offer many benefits, including improved academic performance, the ability to explore interests, physical benefits, productive breaks, and more that enhance your child’s overall growth. In short, they are the perfect way for your child to grow while taking a break from the more serious pace of their school curriculum.

Weekly Yoga for Preschoolers

Primary Beginnings offers yoga that is specifically designed for children ages 2 and up. These yoga classes have been known to increase their mental clarity, flexibility, and relieve stress. When children are developing, they encounter stress in various ways such as school work, navigating friendships, and potentially dealing with the complications of family matters. Yoga, which incorporates deep breathing exercises, will help children work through challenging situations in a healthy way.

Spanish Lessons for Preschoolers

Spanish is a fun language to learn and it presents a stimulating challenge to preschoolers’ minds. If you want your child to learn a second language, it’s important to introduce them to a new language early in the developmental stage. This is because for the first 8 years of their life, children are learning to speak through observation and repetition. At Primary Beginnings, we help preschoolers learn Spanish by introducing them to catchy Spanish songs and games that will help them learn the language quickly.

Summer Camp in Raleigh

Summer is the best time of year for many children, thanks to the break from school and the summer adventures. However, you may still have to work or run errands, but your child doesn’t want to be stuck indoors in a boring environment, such as a daycare. To that end, Primary Beginning is proud to offer exciting activities for preschoolers, such as horseback riding, art classes, miniature golf, laser tag, and arcade activities that are sure to provide your child with a fun-filled summer they won’t forget.

Well-Rounded Child Care Raleigh

Primary Beginnings is happy to offer well-rounded child care, a stimulating learning environment, and extracurricular activities that children can engage in year after year. While our teachers and staff are focused on furthering your child’s cognitive abilities and social skills, we always strive to do so in an environment that is fun and engaging. That is why we prioritize our child care in Raleigh to encompass a classroom learning environment that is balanced with fun activities everyone will enjoy.

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