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After School Program in Raleigh from Kindergarten to 5th Grade

After school has ended for the day, you want to make sure that your child is in a safe, educational, and nurturing environment until you pick them up. Primary Beginnings Child Care in Raleigh, NC strives to ensure a setting that’s both stimulating and fun for children from kindergarten to grade school. Rest assured, all three of our Raleigh locations provide certified 5-star care that your child deserves.

The Benefits of After School Care

After-school care is more than just a convenience — a supportive after-school care program should offer a range of benefits for both children and their families. At Primary Beginnings, we operate on the principle that it should be a valuable extension of the school day that helps your child bridge the gap between school and home. To that end, we provide a structured and supportive environment that goes beyond academics — we foster holistic development and address the diverse needs of children.

Academic Improvement 

At Primary Beginnings, we believe that after-school care programs should and can contribute to the academic success of our students. Whether it’s by offering our principles through our creative curriculum, or other educational enrichment activities, there are vast opportunities for after-school care programs to be a safe place to learn, grow, and play. 

after school care in Raleigh NC

There is also significant research to support this: Research shows summer learning and afterschool literacy-based programs reduce academic achievement gaps and improve literacy levels, according to one NCSL report. Dr. Mary Larner, a Policy Analyst and Editor with the David and Lucile Packard Foundation’s Children, Families, and Communities Program wrote in one report: “Some studies have found that, when compared with children who do not participate in before and after-school programs, the youngsters who do participate achieve higher grades in school, [and] exhibit more positive work habits in school.” 

With the guidance of our trained staff, students can receive individualized help with their assignments, ensuring a deeper understanding of the material. This not only reinforces classroom learning but also helps cultivate good study habits and time management skills.

Social and Emotional Development

After-school care programs play a crucial role in enhancing the social and emotional development of children. These programs provide a safe and inclusive space where students can engage in positive interactions with their peers and mentors. Team-building activities, group projects, and organized games foster the development of important social skills such as communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution. The sense of community within after-school care programs helps build lasting friendships and contributes to a child's overall well-being.

Exploring Many Interests 

After-school care programs also offer a variety of activities to appeal to a ton of diverse interests and the talents of many students. From arts and crafts to sports, music, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities, these programs expose children to a range of extracurricular experiences, so they can figure out their personality by choosing which ones they like best. This exposure not only broadens their horizons but also helps them discover and nurture their passions, potentially sparking lifelong interests or even future career paths.


After-school care programs provide a secure and supervised environment during the crucial hours after the regular school day. Strict safety protocols, including careful supervision by trained staff members, ensure that children are accounted for and engaged in activities that are not only educational but also safe. Plus, these programs often collaborate closely with parents to communicate vital information about each child's whereabouts and well-being. 

Peace of Mind for Parents

For working parents, after-school care programs provide a practical solution to the challenge of balancing work schedules with the needs of their children. Knowing that their children are in a safe and supervised environment after school hours offers peace of mind. This allows parents to fulfill work responsibilities without compromising the well-being and development of their children.

Primary Beginnings Before and After School Care

Primary Beginnings after-school care programs allow children to thrive with snacks, fun activities, and outdoor time as a constructive way to spend their afternoons. We provide many choices for before and after school care, suited to benefit not only your busy schedule but to ensure that your child is participating in activities that keep them engaged and enrich their growth and development.

Primary Beginnings before school and after school programs offer a range of fun activities for your child, including nutritional snacks to help bridge the time between school and getting home at the end of the day. After-school physical activity and outdoor time are vital to your child’s development by helping them unwind after a long day of schoolwork.

Our teachers and staff at Primary Beginnings are proud to carry the curriculum and teaching style of our 5-star accredited programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers into all of our branches of child care. Voted Best Preschool in Raleigh for 2022 by, we are committed to programs that go above and beyond, so children have every opportunity to learn and play, and parents can rest easy knowing their children are safe. 

Summer Camp Activities in Raleigh

In addition to our after-school care and before school care, Primary Beginnings also offers summer camp activities. We believe that education doesn’t have to be confined to the school year—it should be a year-round endeavor. Our summer camp activities, all of which are designed to incorporate elements of learning, are wonderful opportunities for your child to socialize, explore, spend time outside, and have fun!

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