Infant Care in Raleigh

Infant Care For Ages 6 Weeks - 12 Months

Finding the perfect infant care is important for both you and your little one. At Primary Beginnings, we offer daycare programs for infants that are sure to be of the utmost quality and care. Our infant care program in Raleigh focuses on building a warm, family-like environment that is both stimulating and secure for little ones. At this crucial stage of their development, our infant caregivers ensure your child receives the same nurture and care you want for them.

Every day, your little one will enjoy a variety of carefully curated activities designed to foster all aspects of his or her development. Our infant curriculum provides the ideal foundation for:

The Structure of Infant Care at Primary Beginnings

Exploring textures, copying sounds and actions, and experimenting with cause and effect are just a few ways our qualified caregivers encourage your little one's mind and body to develop. With our low child-to-teacher ratio, your little one will receive the individualized attention and physical connections they need to feel safe and secure in a new developmental environment that is so crucial at this stage in their life.

Get Real-Time Updates With Procare Connect

You can relax knowing you won’t miss a milestone or memorable moment. Thanks to our Procare Connect app, you will receive real-time updates, daily reports, and regular in-person and electronic communications, so you will always know what your little one is up to throughout the day.

We understand that your child’s achievements are important to you, and we don't want you to miss out on their achievements.

You’ll receive photos and videos of your child so you can celebrate their big accomplishments from wherever you are. At Primary Beginnings, we offer Procare Connect throughout your child's development. This way, as your child develops into a toddler, you can continue to be a part of their progress.

Infant Care via the Creative Curriculum

Using the Creative Curriculum, your child will discover their voice, and emotions, and even begin to expand their boundaries in a safe and accepting environment. Primary Beginnings gives them the space they need to learn and grow in a safe yet unique way. As part of our infant care, we place emphasis on learning daily routines to prepare your child for the next step in their development. We provide them with a variety of age-appropriate experiences that foster creative thinking and problem-solving.

As your child begins to feel comfortable sitting up by themselves, they’ll then start to feel comfortable walking in no time! As infants transition their posture from crawling to sitting to walking, your child will use their motor skills to get them from place to place. With all of this said, your little one is using their motor skills to move around in various ways.

Individualized Care

Our infant caregivers at Primary Beginnings work diligently to familiarize your child learn a new environment in which they feel safe and secure. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and nurturing environment that allows them to thrive without the added stress of adjusting to a new space.

This continuity of infant care has a profound impact on your child’s emotional well-being and development, as they develop in a space where they feel comfortable. It also encourages strong bonds between your child and our staff who have the pleasure of getting to know your child during their time in our infant care program.

Plus, we hope that you, the parent, feel happy about where your child is spending their day. To that end, we encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns as they arise.

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