Center Director

Crystal Felton

As the Center Director of Primary Beginnings at the Spring Forest preschool, Crystal Felton oversees the center's operation and obligations. She came to Primary Beginnings in January 2011 and had previously been in childcare management for 6 years. Crystal moved from the Spring Forest center where she was the Center Director to the Falls of Neuse center in July 2012 as part of a team restructuring move.  Crystal was excited to take on a new challenge. In 2013, Crystal was again made the Center Director at the Spring Forest location,

Crystal’s philosophy is that early childhood programs should create an environment that has the children and their parents identified as the focus. Families bring values, language, diversity, and traditional customs to a program and therefore, recognize the importance of forming a partnership with the parents to create a positive experience for all children. She believes that all children should have the opportunity to grow and prosper with the ability to be themselves. She also believes that children want to be identified for who they are as little people. Crystal recognizes that it is our job to guide them and give them experiences that help them build their character.

Before her career in early childhood education, Crystal spent a few years in the Public School System teaching Middle School Physical Education classes. Crystal holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. She has been married for over 12 years and along with her husband, they have 3 children and a dog. The family loves to travel and plan family outings.