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“Great job so far in such a short time with the kids! My son, Dorrell Jr. has been growing and developing his learning skills which are a plus. Dorrell Jr.’s behavior has been great and I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work.”

Mr. Jay | Raleigh, NC

“My daughter has attended Primary Beginnings for almost 4 yrs now. She went from attending daycare full time to now attending before and after school care. The staff is awesome, they are all loving, caring and attentive. My daughter loves her teachers and the school. I also love the teachers and all of the staff at Primary Beginnings. I thoroughly trust each member of the Primary Beginnings team and would personally recommend them to all of my friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.”

Sasha B. | Raleigh, NC

“Best teacher their hands down is Ms. Joyce!! She makes you comfortable to leave your child and know he/she is in safe hands.”

Tyesha P. | Raleigh, NC

“All I can say is my child loves going to school every day and the staff are very friendly and professional.”

Desiree S. | Raleigh, NC

“LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!! Primary Beginnings place is the absolute best!! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this school, the teachers and the directors! My son has been there for 3 1/2 years and I cannot imagine him anywhere else. I have recommended so many of my friends to Primary Beginnings and they all agree this school is the BEST! Not only do they love your child as if they were their own but the level of education they provide is off the charts!!”

Kasey P. | Raleigh, NC

“A quick glance around the classroom and you’ll see the look on every child’s face – they are comfortable being there. The space is conducive to learning and developing friendships. My preschooler has been introduced to Letter land, sight words, and basic math. She has improved in writing her own name (first and last) and can sound out letter sounds. The children learn how to be organized, as you’ll see that they put away toys without being told when it is time to transition.

There’s no such thing as cheap childcare (well, I guess there is- but you wouldn’t want your child going there), but Primary Beginnings has a decent price compared to other quality facilities.

The staff seems emotionally present, considerate and caring. No one looks like they are there for just a paycheck. They are so committed to safety and security, that I once received a phone call for a pickup authorization, and the person picking up my child was the mother!

I had a very unique personal situation throughout my child’s time there, and the directors and teachers were very patient and understanding.

I recommend PB not just as a passive “give it a try”, but rather to emphasize that if you are really concerned about your child’s safety and preparation for elementary school, PB will be worth the investment.

P.S.- the kids eat good there too. Seriously- check out the menu, and once you factor in nap time and having regular access to slides and tricycles- you’ll wonder why you ever decided to grow up.”

Jonathon Y. | Raleigh, NC

“So happy to have our daughter here. Love the diversity so much and her teachers are incredible. Wonderful place! Couldn’t be happier!”

Beth Y. | Raleigh, NC

“My son has been going here for two years and loves it!  They do more than just watch the kids. They teach, interact and help them grow.”

Chantelle B. | Raleigh, NC

“Excellent facility with very caring people. They love and adore the children, we are very happy having our 2 kids there.”

Richard P. | Raleigh, NC

“My son comes home happy every single day. I get such pleasure knowing that he is in a structured and nurturing environment that is challenging him to his full potential.”

Erica L. | Raleigh, NC

“Absolutely love love love this daycare my daughter goes here and since she’s been she’s talking more than ever and just always has the best time here! Highly recommend you to bring your kids here!”

Jhana G. | Raleigh, NC

“I was hesitant at first with sending my son here because of the stories and news reports you hear about daycares hurting children. Especially since he is my first child. But I can truly say this daycare Is the best!!!! My son started here when he was 4 months old. They sent me pictures of him and treated him with care. The staff even treats him like one of their own. I love this place!!! My son is now one. I would recommend Primary Beginnings to any and everyone!!!”

Yoneisha W. | Raleigh, NC

“I love love love this school. I had 2 boys that went there and they always told me good stories. My oldest has done a complete 360 since he has been there with behavior and him knowing how to use the potty all by himself. He is a pro thanks to Primary Beginnings. The teachers are VERY understanding and everybody that works there is so nice and fun! I was sad I had to take my babies out but I can give a double 5star to Primary Beginnings and I will truly miss them. Thank y’all for y’all help and understanding”

CC | Raleigh, NC

“I have known this daycare for over 14 years my Niece loved it there and she is 15 years old and now my son goes there. He loves it there.  I Would Recommend the daycare to everyone. He learns so much there and they listen to your feedback in regards to your concerns.”

Johnell W. | Raleigh, NC

“I love primary beginnings I highly recommend it.”

Jazmin F. | Raleigh, NC

We are SO happy to be with Primary Beginnings. I was extremely anxious about taking my child to daycare and the team at PB continues to make me glad we went with them every day. My daughter started here in the infant room and has since moved up and always comes home happy. They’re great at communication and have had an excellent COVID response. Highly, highly recommended!!!!”

Christa C. | Raleigh, NC

“Staff is great with their under 1 year old class. Teachers are friendly, greet children by name and care about their well-being. Ratio is 5:1 which is a bit higher than some others in the area, but for the price it cannot be beat! Leadership is strong and that flows to the teachers and staff. Friendly school-wide competitions also seem to boost staff and student attitudes.”

Parent / Guardian | Raleigh, NC

“This is a great Raleigh preschool! My child is really happy to go to school every day.”

Parent / Guardian | Raleigh, NC

“My daughter has been going to Primary Beginnings since we moved to Raleigh in August of 2012.  Since she has enrolled, the center has constantly been working to improve inside and out.  New floors and furniture have been installed along with an updated playground.  The security for my child is good because in order to pick her up I must have a security code for the door and a finger print scan. My child has been learning a curriculum that is age appropriate and stimulating.  The teachers and directors have went above and beyond for my child on more than one occasion.  They really seem to enjoy the children and their jobs.”

Kelley C. | Raleigh, NC

“I love this center. Excellent facility with very caring people. They love and adore the children and take time out to teach the kids and even do one on one time with them. I was glad to have my two oldest girls go there Zy’riaha and Janiyah. many great memories of art work that was sent home and classroom pictures.”

Charisma W. | Raleigh, NC

“They are wonderful women that have not second guest taking in my boys. They treat them like they are their own.”

Toya J. | Raleigh, NC

“Maria, my granddaughter loves it and loves to learn!”

Woo L. | Raleigh, NC

My child loves attending Primary Beginnings! He loves his teachers, the activities, and the friends he’s made. I enjoy seeing the pictures that they post to Facebook, I feel like I get a better feel of what they do. The staff and teachers are extremely nice and genuinely care for my son. Great place for preschoolers!”

Riley C. | Raleigh, NC

“Primary Beginnings on Falls Of the Neuse is a great daycare. My children have gone on trips, eaten good meals, and things have just been well. Anytime I have gone to the director or assistant director about anything they have immediately addressed the situation. They have a preschool teacher who is on point. My daughter received an excellent report in kindergarten because of what the teacher in preschool taught her. They do care about the children’s well being based on what I have seen. The classrooms are clean, things are organized, and they are professional. This daycare has been nothing but a blessing to my children. There have been minor problems, but nothing is perfect. Like I said when the problem was addressed they handled things accordingly. It’s not easy finding a good daycare for children nowadays. This daycare has earned their five stars. They are definitely the village that helped me raise my children and God Bless them too.”

Chaka S. | Raleigh, NC

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