Dressing your Toddler for the Cold Weather

Raleigh Toddler CareTemperatures are beginning to drop in Raleigh as winter rolls in. Dressing your toddler appropriately for the day’s weather is important. Watching the weather to see how it will change throughout the day is part of what our Raleigh preschool teachers do to make sure your kids are staying safe in the cooler temperatures. At Primary Beginnings, we encourage our preschoolers to get outdoors be as active as possible, but we know in the winter months, being outside can get a little messy. If temperatures and weather conditions are appropriate, we try to get our toddlers outside. In order for them to enjoy playing outside, we make sure each child is appropriately dressed for the weather conditions. Dressing in layers is one way to keep your kids safe from varying temperatures throughout the day. In the morning, it can be awfully chilly, and turn out to be nice by the time they head outdoors for activities. Dressing in layers can also be beneficial if one layer gets wet, the child can remove that layer. Don’t be afraid to layer, kids can always take off layers if they get to be too warm. Hats, scarves, and gloves help to protect exposed areas. The head and neck are a major sources of heat for your little one’s body. Making sure those areas are covered and warm will help keep the rest of their bodies warm. Gloves are typically easier for toddlers to maneuver while still keeping their hands warm. We do our best to watch for how the weather will change throughout the day, but dressing your preschooler appropriately is important for parents to do at home. Learn more about our five-star rated Raleigh preschool by scheduling a tour of one of our two North Raleigh locations.