Fun and Affordable Backyard Summer Activities for Your Toddler

fun toddler summer activities raleigh

Summer is definitely in full swing with bright sunshine and hot temperatures. When you have babies and young children, loading everyone up to go to the pool or the park can be a Herculean task to take on. Fortunately, our child care center in Raleigh has plenty of fun, affordable backyard summer activities for toddlers and preschoolers, so grab the sunscreen and insect repellent and get ready for play!

Create a Water Wall

If you have a big piece of plywood, old lattice, or even a privacy fence, plus some plastic jugs and bottles, you can create a water wall that will delight your toddler or preschooler. Grab soda bottles, milk jugs, and other containers with a spout, and clean tem out, then head outside.

Attach the plastic bottles, jugs, and containers to the plywood, fence, or other vertical surface using zip ties, staples, or screws (something that can’t be undone by little hands easily). Aim or arrange the spouts and openings downward to allow waterways or waterfalls to be created when water is poured on the top. Make sure to not position them too high for your child to reach, and be sure to place a basin or large tub at the bottom to catch the water as it flows down. Give your child a cup to use and off they go!

Bottle Sprinkler

Create a DIY sprinkler for your little ones to run through with a large bottle and your garden hose. Simply wash out the soda bottle and decide how you want the sprinkler to work. If you want to lay the bottle on its side and allow the water to spray upward, place a line of holes down one side. If you want to stand it up or hang the sprinkler, poke holes all around. Then, attach the hose to the bottle with enough gaffer or duct tape to create a seal. If you’d like to hang the bottle, head to the hardware store for a 3/4 inch female swivel hose adapter which will connect the hose to the bottle. Turn on the water and voila! Check out the inspiration here.

Ice Excavation

On an especially hot afternoon, consider an ice excavation adventure. Take some miniature toys like small animals, toy soldiers, or something like that, and freeze them in a bin of water. When it's frozen, take it outside and give your kids tools to excavate, like kid-friendly tools that will allow them to chip away to receive their prize. Fortunately, the hot sun will help make quick work of this task before they get bored.

Scavenger Hunt

The outdoors is full of surprises, many of which can be found in your own backyard. Create a scavenger hunt that's toddler friendly that will have them exploring and learning. For example, focus on the alphabet and find items that start with a handful of common letters like A (acorn), B (bird), L (leaf), and so forth. Finding items of different colors, numbers of items, or simply a list of things to find can all be educational, fun, and keep your kids entertained for an afternoon.

Timeless Summer Classics

While the above activities are fun, we can't forget the classics!

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Bubbles (Make your own with 1 cup of warm water, 2 tablespoons of corn syrup, and 4 tablespoons of dish soap.)
  • Kiddie pool
  • Picnic in the grass
  • Show them how to plant and take care of a flower or vegetable in their own container

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