Fun and Affordable Backyard Summer Activities for Your Toddler

fun toddler summer activities raleighThe heat seems to be on full blast this summer here in Raleigh, but that doesn’t mean that your toddler has to spend all their time cooped inside and out of the heat! A trip to the pool, ocean, or water park could be a logistical nightmare with little children, but that doesn’t mean that you all can’t have fun in your back yard.

If you want to spend the money on more expensive water toys for your back yard you can, but you don’t have to do so. With a little elbow grease, a couple of tools, a few things you have laying around the house, and a hose, there are several ways for your child to have fun outside this summer, without getting over heated.

Water Wall

With a bit of fence, board, or MDF, a few plastic jugs and bottles, and some water, you can easily create a “water wall” that will delight your toddler. Wash out old plastic water bottles, soda bottles, old plastic jug, and even old plastic food containers – basically, use anything with a spout, and if it doesn’t have one, make one.

Attach the plastic bottles, jugs, and containers to the board or fence with ties, staples, or screws (something that can’t be undone by little hands easily. Aim or arrange the spouts and openings downward to allow waterways or waterfalls to be created when water is poured on the top. Make sure to not position them too high for your child to reach! Place a basin or large tub at the bottom to catch the water as it flows down. Give your child a cup to use and off they go! See here for more inspiration.

Bottle Sprinkler

There’s no need to go out and buy a toy sprinkler for your child to play with on the back lawn as long as you have a large soda bottle and a hose! Wash out the soda bottle and poke or drill holes into it. Your sprinkler can be oriented one of two ways: if you want to lay it on the ground, poke holes on only one side of the bottle. If you want to stand or hang it, poke holes on all sides.

You can attach the hose one of two ways. If you are laying the bottle on the ground, gaffer or duct tape should be enough to create a seal between the hose and the bottle – wrap the connection tightly with the tape. If you’d like to hang the bottle, head to the hardware store for a 3/4 inch female swivel hose adapter which will connect the hose to the bottle. Turn on the water and voila! Put your child’s bathing suit on and watch them have fun running around the yard in the water! See here for reference.

Bubble Time

What could be more fun than bubbles? You can make your own bubble solution and wands at home! All you need is dish soap, pipe cleaners, Karo syrup, and warm water. It’s easier to make a lot of solution than a little, but here are the measurements: 1 cup warm water, 2 tablespoons Karo syrup, and 4 tablespoons dishwashing soap. Stir the ingredients together until well mixed and let the mixture sit for a while or even better, overnight and uncovered. Form wands with the pipe cleaners, dip them in the solution, and there you go – bubble time! See here for more ideas.

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