How to Get (and Stay) Organized in 2017

North Raleigh PreschoolBefore we begin, let’s all take moment to bid 2016 adieu.
Bye 2016!
Now that that’s over with, welcome 2017!
Welcome, welcome, welcome!
For most of us, the start of a new year is a new chance to start fresh. To get down to business bettering those aspects of our lives we’ve neglected or ignored; to set new goals for ourselves, our families, our finances, etc. One of the most common and most daunting goals for working parents with young children is to get (and stay) organized. Running a family is such a juggling act, and no one likes feeling like they are constantly dropping a ball or two (or twelve).

Conquering “The Big Five”

Figuring out where and how to start in your quest to “get more organized” is probably the hardest part of the whole process. In our experience, there are five key areas that most families struggle with:
  1. Overall time/schedule management
  2. Getting out the door in the a.m.
  3. Dinner/meal planning
  4. Chores/household duties
  5. Personal/social/relationship time
When it comes to goal-setting or change-making, you are FAR more likely to succeed if you focus on one area at a time. You then break that area down, picking one or two changes to implement and put all your dedication and energy toward locking in those changes so that they become true habits. Once the habit is there, you do the same thing with another one or two components. Trying to overhaul your entire life all at once is not realistic, and it is one of the fastest ways to fall right back into your old ways. So in the meantime, take a good, hard look at your family’s current state of existence and decide which area you would most like to improve. Think carefully and critically about how things are, why they got that way, and how you would like them to be. Then you can begin planning a strategy to get organized and help you make the dream a reality!

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