Nature-Themed Preschool Activities

August 24, 2015

As summer winds down and the temperatures cool down, kids can play outside for longer periods of time without the risk of dehydration or overheating. The change from summer to fall is a good time to explore nature with your preschooler and notice the changes that happen as the seasons change. Make exploring the outdoors fun with some of these nature-themed activities for preschoolers.

Nature Scavenger Hunt – Send kids out to find different things in nature. Make a checklist of items such as “something shiny”, “something soft”, “a leaf that has changed color”, etc. Read or write a description of the object and let your preschoolers roam around looking for an item that matches the description.

Paint with Nature – Grab a large piece of cardboard or piece of paper, paint, and head outside. Let each kid go around and grab a couple of items in nature that they want to use to paint with. Put paint on the paper or cardboard and them paint with the different items they gathered. Talk about the different styles that each item paints.

Make an Acorn Collage – Give each child a handle bag to go around and gather items in nature; sticks, leaves, grass, etc. Draw an acorn on a piece of paper, big enough for them to glue the items on. Let them cut and paste the items they gathered to create an acorn collage. Let everything dry overnight.

Use nature as a fun learning experience with your toddler. There are plenty of creative activities you can do with nature to enhance your child’s mind. Look for more ideas of nature-themed crafts on our Pinterest page.

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