Preschoolers Celebrate National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Month!

June is National Fresh Fruits & Vegetables month! Each of our Raleigh child care centers know its important that growing children eat healthy to help them get big and strong.

Healthy Meals For Preschoolers Raleigh

Summer is the perfect time to introduce your child to different fruits and vegetables! Check out our family-friendly ideas to get your preschooler loving healthy snacks:

Summer Activities to Make Fruit & Vegetables Fun

  • Go Fruit/Vegetable Picking: Visit a local Pick-Your-Own fruit or vegetable farm! Not only is this a great way to support your local community and farmer, but gives young children the chance to learn more about how fruit and vegetables are grown. Some farms also have other activities like hay rides, petting zoos, and corn mazes giving you more ways to incorporate fun with fruit.
  • Plant a Garden: If you're a green thumb, ask your preschooler to work in the garden with you. You can show them how to plant both vegetables and flowers and how to care for them once the seeds are planted. This can give children a greater appreciation for vegetables, since they are seeing how much work goes in to raising them.
  • Make Healthy Food Fun: Make healthy food fun! Arrange healthy snacks in animal shapes that your child likes, such as a dinosaur or bear. They'll start to associate healthy food with fun and be more willing to eat it. Check out our Pinterest page for more ideas healthy food ideas!
  • Play Games: At your next family reunion or block party, play games that incorporate fruit or vegetables. You could have a watermelon seed spitting content, race to see who can roll their honeydew melon the fastest or even a potato sack racing contest.
Incorporating fruit and vegetables into fun activities will help young children associate them in a positive way. And make it a lot easier when getting them to eat! Primary Beginnings Child Development Centerss believes that fruits and vegetables helps preschoolers grow and learn. Each of our Raleigh child care locations serves healthy snacks to its toddlers, preschoolers and after-school programs.