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Primary Beginnings now has a Facebook account! Be sure to like and share our page where we will be building our community and keeping parents in the loop on their kids' activities!

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Like Primary BeginningsFacebook is an easy and fun way for us at Primary Beginnings Child Development Centerss to connect with you, the parent, and provide a personal component to our business. After all, every parent wants to feel like they KNOW their child's teachers and caretakers personally, right? Our Facebook page will also be a valuable communication tool for our community during inclement weather. If you're following us on Facebook, you will see instant updates on school openings and closings before the news channels even have time to report on them. Another reason to like us on Facebook is to get special sneak-peaks and behind-the-scenes pictures and updates on field trips and classroom activities so you can get a better sense of what your child learned in school that day! *Note: Primary Beginnings only posts and shares pictures of students whose parents have signed our media consent form. And we will never publicly identify children by name.