Starting Your Child at a New Preschool

First Day of Preschool in RaleighStarting your child at a new Raleigh preschool can be tough for both parents and kids. There are a lot of things you can do with your toddler to help prepare them for the transition.

Start by visiting your child’s preschool together, playing on the playground and pointing out the fun toys they can enjoy to help get them excited about going to school there.

Look up information about the preschool on their website or Facebook page. Show your child pictures of the fun activities they are doing together. Visit the events calendar and pick out some upcoming themes they can look forward to and some fun events done in the past.

The night before the first day, pack your child’s backpack together. Include a favorite security item, such as a blanket or teddy bear. Pick out what outfit they would like to wear. Talk about what to expect at preschool, and keep a positive attitude about it.

Take the time in the morning to sit and eat a good breakfast together. When you take your preschooler into the classroom, plan on staying for an extra 10-20 minutes can help your child ease into the environment. When you leave, keep a happy face and positive attitude so you don’t put more distress on your toddler. Yes, your child may cry and throw a tantrum, but Primary Beginnings teachers have a lot of experience in handling first day blues. We’ll help your child to adapt to our classrooms and feel comfortable.

Looking for a preschool in Raleigh?

At Primary Beginnings, we want prospective parents to feel comfortable with our Raleigh preschool, so we encourage you to view our virtual tour and visit us in person. Primary Beginnings is a five-star rated preschool with two Raleigh locations. Our preschool program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond.