Starting Your Child at a New Preschool

Starting at a new Preschool in Raleigh

Starting your child at a new Raleigh preschool can produce anxiety both for you and your child. Even though you have made a good decision with all the facts that you have gathered and have weighed different options, you may still feel nervous about how your child will feel. It is normal for you to have trepidations and be afraid of new situations for your preschooler.

There are some things you can do to help ease the transition and prepare your child for the new environment. We suggest keeping it low-key instead of making a big deal out of going to the preschool. This will keep them from worrying about the new experience. You want them to be excited, not worried! We have put together a small list that you can follow in getting ready.

Visit the Preschool Together

Seeing the school beforehand gives your child more information to get a sense of what the classroom and teacher are like. Take a picture of the classroom during the visit so you can look at it and talk about it when you get home. Pinpoint some specifics in the classroom that you can remind your child of before their first day.

Pack a Piece of Home for Your Child to Take When They Start

The night before the first day, pack your child’s backpack together. Send your child to school with a memento from home. This will help him or her to have something that is permanent and remind them that they will be going home–that home is still there and you exist. A family photo, a blanket that smells of home, or a favorite toy will support their ability to know that objects continue to exist even though they can no longer see them.

Practice the Morning Routine Beforehand

You should begin the morning routine the week before starting at the preschool so it won’t be abrupt. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and drive to school so nothing will be brand new. This way when the day of going to preschool comes, they won’t be surprised and will already be familiar with the routine.

The Night Before Starting at a New Preschool

Involve your child in the things that will prepare him or her to be excited for the next day. Pick out the outfit your child will wear on their first day. Pack their backpack together. Talk about what to expect at preschool. And, keep a positive attitude about it.

The First Day of a New School!

When you take your child into the classroom, plan on staying 10 to 20 minutes extra. This allows the preschooler to ease into the environment. Keep a happy face and a positive attitude as you leave. Your child may cry and throw a tantrum. But, don’t worry. The teachers at Primary Beginnings have a lot of experience in handling the first day. We will help your child to adapt to our classrooms and feel comfortable.

Looking to Enroll Your Child in a New Preschool in Raleigh?

At Primary Beginnings, we want you and your child to feel comfortable and have a positive experience with our Raleigh preschool, so we encourage you to view our Facebook page, events calendar, and visit us in person. Our five-star rated preschool has two Raleigh locations. Our preschool program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. Contact us to schedule a tour at our Spring Forest Road school by calling 919-790-6888 or our North Hills Drive school at 919-785-0303.