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Summer is one of the most exciting seasons for children of all ages. Why? Not just because of no school, but also because of the exciting summer adventures! At Primary Beginnings, we ensure that your children’s summer is packed with fun, educational activities that nurture their development and provide unique and exciting experiences. We believe that educating a child should not only take place during the school year but throughout the entire year, which is why the majority of our summer camp activities promote learning in some shape or form. Each summer, our activities do vary, but they are sure to all be both educational and engaging. Here are just a few of the activities our students experienced this summer.

Art Buzz Kids | Cary, NC

raleigh summer camp activities

Our students were able to channel their inner Picasso and express their creativity at an Art Buzz Kids event in Cary, NC. Art Buzz allows kids to use their imagination to create their own masterpiece in an inspiring and interactive environment. The children are shown how to use different artistic tools and encouraged to be as creative as possible. Utilizing their creative skills through painting offers a variety of benefits for children, such as:

  • Develops confidence
  • Encourages open-mindedness
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps to develop both sides of the brain
  • Encourages art appreciation
  • Encourages uniqueness
  • And more!

While it may have been a little messy, our students thoroughly enjoyed themselves! They were able to have lots of fun while experiencing many educational and developmental benefits.

Horseback Riding | Raleigh, NC

raleigh summer camp activities

When asking children what their favorite animal is, you’ll probably get a “horse” as an answer at least once. That’s why our children were thrilled about this outing! For one of our summer activities, our students visited a local horse farm to not only learn how to care for a horse but also how to ride a horse. They were not only given the opportunity to brush and feed the horses themselves, but also ride them. According to various different studies, horseback riding for children surprisingly offers many benefits. A few of these benefits include:

  • Improves balance and motor coordination
  • Improves core strength and hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages muscular development
  • Improves cognitive and learning abilities
  • Develops self-confidence and self-assurance
  • Offers therapeutic benefits

Art Museum | Raleigh, NC

raleigh summer camp activities

Art museums provide a wonderful, educational experience to children of all ages. That is why one of our summer trips was visiting the art museum in Raleigh! Unlike most museums, Raleigh’s art museums provide hands-on activities that engage and interest kids of all ages. Our children were no exception, as they thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the museum. As you most likely already know, visiting an art museum provides children with several benefits, such as the following and more:

  • Encourages diversity
  • Provokes imagination
  • Provides immersive learning experiences
  • Boosts language development
  • Encourages inspiration and new ideas
  • Sparks creativity

Scrap Exchange | Durham, NC

raleigh summer camp activities

Visiting The Scrap Exchange in Durham allowed our students to let their imagination and creativity run rampantly. The Scrap Exchange is a nonprofit organization that encourages both creativity and environmental awareness through reuse and waste recovery. So, our kids were able to craft whatever they could imagine with reusable materials and learn about keeping the environment both healthy and clean. Creativity and environmental education combined was definitely a success. With this trip, our students were able to:

  • Learn about the environment and how to be eco-friendly
  • Express their creativity
  • Be inspired
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Exercise both sides of the brain
  • So much more!

Adventure Landing | Raleigh, NC

Practically every kid enjoys places that are filled with several different, fun activities. So, Adventure Landing in Raleigh was one of our first summer activity stops to celebrate the start of summer. While this outing may not have been as educational as the others, motor skills were certainly exercised! Our students had a blast with miniature golf, laser tag, go-karts, and the arcade. The outing was perfect for expelling some energy.

Special Guests | The Parents

raleigh summer camp activities

The parents of our students are all extremely talented, and some come in to share those talents with the children! This summer, we had a variety of different guests, like Mr. Rob, who shared some of his musical talents with the students. The kids thoroughly enjoyed learning about what their peers’ parents do, as well as enjoying what the parents bring to share. For instance, they really appreciated Mr. Rob’s guitar lessons and enjoyed learning how the guitar works and listening to his music. On special guest days, our students learn a variety of different things depending on what special guest is available. All guest days are certain to be both entertaining and educational.

Primary Beginnings Night Out | Raleigh, NC

We began wrapping up the summer with our annual Primary Beginnings Night Out! This event was for our past, present, and future students and their families, and was a huge success. Our guests enjoyed delicious food from Will and Pops food truck, face painting from Cotton the Clown, a bounce house, and lively music. All of these activities combined with all of our families together made for an awesome event that will certainly continue to take place every year.

raleigh summer camp activites
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