Benefits of Enrolling Children in After-School Programs

Teacher Teaching Class
Millions of school-aged children are left unsupervised for hours after school until a parent comes home from work.

School-age children who are home alone after school often spend time engaging in non-productive activities such as watching television, eating unhealthy foods, being inactive and not doing their homework. For many children, after-school programs provide a structured, safe, and supervised place to socialize and wait for their parents to come home from work. Here are some benefits of enrolling your child in a Raleigh after-school program.

Qualified Teachers to Help Children Improve Academically

Enrolling children in an after-school program can help improve their engagement in the learning process. When children become enthusiastic about learning, they are more likely to earn better grades and ultimately improve academically. Children who perform better in school are less likely to engage in delinquent social behaviors.

Provides Healthy and Productive Alternatives

Another benefit of after-school programs is that many centers encourage students to stay physically active by participating in various recreational programs. While they are attending after-school care, children are able to spend their energy and relieve stress. Most after-school programs also teach children the benefits of choosing nutritional snacks over junk food, resulting in the reduction of childhood obesity.

Raleigh After-School Programs

Primary Beginnings Child Development Centers offer after-school programs to children in Kindergarten through fifth grade. We ensure a safe, fun, and productive environment where your child can learn and engage with other students. We have programs set up in our two Raleigh locations. Call today to request a tour at the location near you!.