Child Care Trends for 2013

No longer is child care simply babysitting. Certified child care centers are actually schools for early education, where toddlers are involved with early learning. Child care has seen many advances over the years and generations, with many exciting improvements in care and education expected in 2013. 2013 Childcare Trends

Early Education Curriculum is Becoming More Advanced

Research that shows that kids are capable of learning early academics and other skills at much younger ages than previously thought. This means that certified child care centers are starting to offer formalized and advanced early education curriculum for their students to prepare them for elementary school and beyond. Preschool teachers and child care staff are also focusing more on regularly receiving extensive training in instruction geared for preschoolers.

Child Care is Catering More to Budget-Minded Families

Many argue that 2013 will bring a stronger economy than 2012, but for many families, having to stay on a strict budget is still a hard reality. More parents are taking a careful look at child care costs, and decisions to reduce hours or even pull their kids out of organized programs entirely due to job losses or expenses. As a result, more child care providers are offering flexible hours and working out pay arrangements for struggling families to encourage parents to keep their children active in an educational program.

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