DIY Summer Activities for Preschoolers

Summer is a fun time to spend with your preschooler, playing outside and exploring new things. Having some fun in the sun doesn’t have to cost a fortune though. There are plenty of fun DIY projects you can do with your little ones this summer. preschool-summer-activities

Make your own Sidewalk Chalk – With just a few materials, you and your preschooler can make your own sidewalk chalk. Not only will your child be able to color all over your driveway with something that they made themselves, but it’s a good opportunity to teach children about colors – primary and secondary colors and what happens when colors are mixed. It’s a fun activity that everyone can enjoy from start to finish and beyond.

Water Sponge Balls – These DIY water sponge balls are perfect for toddler fun in the sun! With only scissors, sponges, and dental floss, you and your child can make sponge balls for a water party or just an afternoon of water fun. Simply cut each sponge into 4 pieces, and arrange the pieces of 3 sponges in random order (you can even use different colored sponges to make the balls more colorful). Tie a piece of dental floss around the center of the sponges and double knot it. Fluff the sponges and enjoy some water fun!

Water Limbo – Hold a hose of water up in the air for your child to “limbo” under. Slowly move the water lower and lower each time they go through. Have fun seeing just how low your toddler can go before they hit the water.

Water Balloon Baseball – Fill up water balloons and use them as “baseballs” while kids use plastic bats to hit them. Whether the balloon is hit or busts on the ground, everyone can have fun getting splashed! Or use the water balloons as pinatas and let kids hit them with the bat to make them bust.

DIY summer activities can be fun for the whole family, and can help kids feel proud of something they’ve created themselves. When playing with water, be sure to practice water safety tips for toddlers, to keep summer fun safe.

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