Outdoor Fall Activities for Preschoolers

Toddlers activities RaleighThe fall can be a fun time for toddlers. With the weather cooling down, and the leaves changing colors and falling, it’s the perfect time for our Raleigh preschools to plan outdoor fall activities. Playing outdoors not only gets our preschoolers active, but helps them to learn about the season changes. Here are some fall time activities you can do outdoors with your toddler.

Go on a nature scavenger hunt – With so many different colored leaves falling to the ground, kids can’t wait to explore the great outdoors. Give them a “nature bag”, and make them a list of different nature items to find around the yard or a park. Have your preschooler find different kinds of leaves: a yellow leaf, an orange one, a really big one or acorns. They can also look for certain colored flowers, a round rock, etc.

Plant bulbs for spring – Toddlers love to dig around in the dirt. We planted a garden as a great way for our Raleigh preschoolers to get dirty, and have fun. Caring for the bulbs through the fall and winter makes them excited to see what blossoms in the spring. You can even plant small seeds in egg cartons with your toddler.

Make a bird feeder – As fall arrives and nature starts to fall from the trees, pick up a pine cone and turn it into a bird feeder. This is an easy and fun fall activity for kids that has been around for generations. Have your preschoolers find a good size pine cone, spread peanut butter all over and roll it in birdseed until covered. Hang up or set outside and you and your toddler can watch the different types of birds that stop by for a snack.

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