How to Prepare for the First Day of Preschool


Your child is starting preschool soon, and both of you are excited! You know they'll learn new things and develop new skills, and they're excited to meet other kids and go to school like the big kids. Even though your child is excited, it's okay to be a bit nervous or apprehensive about starting, especially that very first day. Our preschool in Raleigh is sharing some tips on how to prepare for the first day of preschool so it goes off without a hitch!

Talk About Preschool

A few weeks before, start slowly preparing your child for the big day. This doesn't need to be a constant daily reminder, but just letting them know what they will be doing at school, what they can expect, and what the day will look like can be beneficial.

Most likely, your child will have lots of questions, and that's perfectly fine. Take time to listen to their concerns and thoughtfully answer and reassure them. Explain how it's normal to feel different feelings at once, like excited, scared, and happy, and relate a time when you were nervous about starting something new. You can also help minimize fears and worry with books and stories, so be sure to read our list of the 6 best kids books for starting preschool.

Get a Morning Schedule in Place

If your child stays home during the day, most mornings are probably pretty laid back - wake up, have breakfast, get dressed, play with toys, then maybe getting around to brushing teeth and finding shoes - no rush, no stress. Having to be at preschool at a certain time can change that relaxing, no-rush morning. Instead of having to hit the ground running on the first day of preschool, get a morning schedule in place a few weeks ahead of time by making sure your child is awake at a certain time, dressed, eating breakfast, and ready to start their day. This way, they'll know what needs to be done in the morning and the first day will go a bit more smoothly.

If you need help, print a visual reminder chart for what the morning should look like that your child can follow.

Plan a Sneak Peek of the School

If your child is curious about the new preschool, let them get to know more about it. If they allow tours with children, ask if you and your child can come up a few days ahead of time for a tour and to meet the teachers. If not, drive past the preschool so they know where it is and visit the website and take a virtual tour and talk about what they see. The more your child is aware and familiar, the lees nervous they will be.

Let Your Child Have Input

When a child can be involved in something, as opposed to having things happen to them, they feel empowered and more confident. In this case, let them make some of the choices when it comes to getting ready. For example, let them choose their own backpack, help pack their lunch, and choose their (weather-appropriate) outfit. If your preschool allows it, let them choose a special stuffed animal, family photo, or other preferred object to bring.

Arrive a Little Early and Stay a Little While

When it's the first day of preschool, arriving a few minutes early gives your child a few extra minutes to acclimate to the new environment, see where things are, and find their cubby. It may take about 20 to 30 minutes to ease the transition, which is perfectly normal. When it's time to say goodbye, it can be tough for both of you, but keep your tone positive, reassure them that you'll see them either in a few hours, after lunch, or at dinner (depending on the program).

If your child is having a difficult time, the teacher will stay with them as you leave, and in no time, they'll be having fun and adapting like a champ.

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