Preparing Your Child for Preschool

Kids should enjoy going to preschool to learn and socialize each day, once they get in the routine. However, it is common for little ones to be uneasy or even tearful on their first day of class. Preschool is a big change. To ease children’s anxiety in the beginning, make sure you prepare them for what is ahead.

How to Reduce First Day Anxiety

  • Paint a positive picture: Make sure you discuss preschool with your child and make it sound fun. Enjoy the time you spend picking out a lunch box, backpack, and supplies and let them Raleigh preschool tipsknow they will get to make new friends.
  • Don’t over prepare: Although you want to familiarize your child with preschool, don’t talk about it constantly or practice routines. You could invoke some fear by making it into too big of a deal.
  • Do prepare some: Get your kid in the routine by using the same wake up and bedtimes that you would use during the school week. You should also do some crafts for fun to get used to cutting, gluing, painting, drawing, and following instructions.
  • Make school familiar: Make sure you drive by the preschool a couple of times to make sure the building and setting will be a familiar place. You can also point out the playground or front door where they will enter.
  • Introduce new foods: Get your kid ready to try new healthy snacks at school. Have snack times with fruit, crackers, and vegetables to get them used to a variety of foods.
  • Read books: Reading to your little one at nighttime or during the day is good practice for preschool. They will learn to pay attention during story time and have a strong foundation for reading and writing skills.

Primary Beginnings - 2 Preschool Locations in Raleigh

Children look forward to coming into our preschool and enjoy learning each day. We offer 2 clean locations full of activities for children. Whether your child is an infant, toddler, preschooler, or in lower school; Primary Beginnings has a variety of programs tailored to each age group.