Insect Bite Safety and Prevention

Insect Bite Raleigh ToddlerSummer is coming to a close and with is comes more insects and mosquitoes, leading to a higher risk of bites and stings. Generally, insect bites are more annoying than they are a serious problem, but for some toddlers they can be serious or even fatal. Primary Beginnings encourages taking necessary precautions so that toddlers can enjoy playing outdoors as the seasons change. Mosquito bites are irritating at any age, but children especially can have a hard time with them. Scratching to the point of irritating and breaking the skin can cause infection and more irritation. Bug sprays can be dangerous for kids young of age and are only recommended if it is an absolute must. Other precautions to avoid mosquito and other insect bites can be dressing your baby or toddler in lightly-colored, loose-fitting clothing that covers their bodies. Long sleeved shirts tucked into pants and pants tucked into socks can be a good for creating a barrier between baby and bug. Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Dumping any kiddie pools when not in use or objects that collect water can prevent mosquitoes from hanging around. Keeping grass cut short can eliminate insect hiding spots and using a strong fan in hot areas like outside patios can keep the bugs from getting too close. If bug spray becomes absolutely necessary, limit the use of DEET. For children 6 months to two years, up to a 10% DEET one time a day is recommended only when mosquito risk is high. For toddlers and children ages 2-12, up to a 10% DEET usage no more than 3 times a day, and up to a 30% DEET is safe for children 12 and up. Too much exposure to DEET can be detrimental to young kids. When kids to get bit or stung, certain signs are critical to watch for. Tightness in the chest or throat, unusual facial swelling, and dizziness can be signs of an allergic reaction. For normal stings or bites, use a scraping motion to remove the stinger, wash with soap and water and apply a cold cloth or ice pack to the sting. Over-the-counter antihistamines are okay for pain and itching as long as the dosage corresponds to your child’s age and weight. Consult your child’s pediatrician first if you have any questions. Here at Primary Beginnings, we know there is always risk that your preschooler will get bit or stung during outdoor activities. We keep any and all allergies on file, and ask that parents provide necessary medications in case they are needed. Our Raleigh preschool takes as many safe measures as we can to avoid unnecessary insect bites and stings. Our teachers know the signs to look for when bites and stings do happen, and are properly trained on how to deal with them. Learn More About Primary Beginnings: Primary Beginnings is a North Carolina certified, 5-Star rated preschool with two locations in North Raleigh. We believe in providing quality child care for Raleigh infants and preschoolers. Learn more about our curriculum and contact us to schedule a tour.