5 Fun Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Children

Two children coloring a Mother's Day gift after reading Primary Beginnings blog about craft ideas for children.

Not sure what to get your mom for Mother's Day? You can never go wrong with DIY crafts for kids! They come from the heart which makes them extra special! Check out our favorite fun Mother's Day craft ideas for young kids that will melt any mom's heart.

Craft Ideas for Kids

Painted Mason Jar Lantern

Light up mom’s smile this Mother’s Day with a mason jar lantern. 

You’ll need:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Mason Jar
  • Battery-operated tea light
  • Colorful twine or ribbon

Have your little one paint stripes on the inside of a mason jar using acrylic paint. Once the paint dries, place a battery-operated tea light in the jar. Screw on the lid and decorate it with a piece of twine or ribbon.

Source: Pinterest

From the Bottom of My Heart Craft

Kids love to paint so let them have a little fun with this heartwarming Mother’s Day craft.

You’ll need:

  • Craft paint
  • Construction Paper
  • Markers or Pen
  • Disposable tablecloth or wax paper
  • Frame (optional)

Before you start, cover the working area with a disposable tablecloth or wax paper. Kids and paint tend to get a little messy! 

Next, prepare a sheet of construction paper and let the children choose the paint they want their heart and footprint to be. Paint their hands and help them place one at a time onto the paper to form the heart.

Once they’re done with their hands, paint the child’s right foot and help them to make a footprint on the construction paper. After all the paint has dried, you can help them write words on the paper and their name. If you want to get fancy, you can place the piece of art in a frame once it’s all dry.

If you think Mom would fancy a bouquet of flowers instead, prepare a piece of construction paper by painting a green stem. Put two different colors of brightly colored paint on your child's hands and have them press down at the top of the painted flower stem with each hand - one at a time. Your finished craft should look like a bouquet of flowers.

Source: Pinterest

Pom-Pom Bouquet

Need more cheerful Mother's Day craft ideas? Let's cheer for mom with this pom-pom bouquet!

You’ll need:

  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Ribbons
  • Pom-Poms

Place a green pipe cleaner parallel with the tines of a fork so that it extends 3 inches above the tines. Wrap the yarn perpendicularly around all the tines, including the pipe cleaner. Make sure the tines are covered completely. 

Next, fold the 3-inch section of the pipe cleaner down over the yarn and slide everything off the fork.

Twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner together at the base of yarn to secure the center of the pom-pom. Keep wrapping the pipe cleaner ends together to form a stem. Cut the yarn loops and trim any scraggly ends. Repeat as many times as you want to make more flowers. When you’re done, wrap the stems together to create the bouquet. 

Source: Pinterest

Clay Handprint Candle Holders

Moms will certainly give kids a “hand” for creating this Mother’s Day gift.

You’ll need:

  • Air-dry clay
  • Craft paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Small tea candles or electric candles

Shape the air dry clay into a circle that’s large enough to fit the child’s hand. Help the child firmly place their hand on the clay to make an impression.

Next, help them firmly place the candle in the middle of the hand imprint. Wiggle it around to make another impression. Once the clay is completely dry, have the child paint their imprint. After the paint dries, put the candle in its spot or glue it on.

You can also use a small Sharpie or paint to write the child’s name and the date.

Source: EasyPeasyAndFun

Happy Mother’s Day Card

This is one of the most popular craft ideas for any holiday. No need to go out and buy a Mother’s Day card when kids can make one at home!

You’ll need:

  • Plastic caps from empty bottles
  • Markers
  • White card stock or white paper
  • Glue

Have the child fold the piece of paper in half and then glue a bottle cap to it. If the child wants to create a bouquet, have them glue more than one bottle cap. 

Next, have the child draw the flower petals around the bottle cap. Color in the flower petals and add stems or leaves. For a finishing touch, you can help the child write a Mother’s Day message on the card.

Source: KidsActivityBlog

Any of these simple ideas will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

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