Nailing your Morning Routine

Morning Routine - Child Development The new school year is just around the corner for Raleigh families. No matter what sort of preschool or care facility your child attends, getting everyone ready and out the door on time is a challenge all families face. We’ve all been there:  You are frantically scrounging up leftovers for last minute lunches; your spouse is speed-ironing his/her pants. Your toddler is still in jammies and your kindergartner can’t find their other shoe. Somehow everyone makes it to their respective destinations but everyone is frustrated and frazzled. Not an ideal way to start the day. Cultivating and committing to a consistent morning routine is key to minimizing stress and making your mornings go smoothly. As a parent, time management is central to this process. You’ll find that a little planning goes a long way in getting everyone’s day off to a good start.

Time-saving tips for tired parents

1. Prep the night before

Pack backpacks and briefcases, pick out clothes, and prep lunches. This will eliminate last-second scrambling and take pressure off of everyone. The less there is to remember in the a.m., the better off you’ll be. You can create even more of a cushion for yourself by having breakfast ready to go, too. There are plenty of prep-ahead and on-the-go breakfast recipes available online. Just pick and choose your family’s favorites, and no one will have to head out hungry.

2. Get up before your kids

Parenting can be exhausting. Waking up any earlier than you have to probably sounds crazy. But taking just 15 to 30 minutes for yourself before your child wakes up can make a huge difference to your day. Have a cup of coffee, read the news, do some simple stretches; whatever helps you ease into your day with peace and focus. Setting the tone for yourself will help set the tone for your whole family.

3. Have a designated “ready to go” area

Take the guesswork out of getting out the door by teaching your child to put their school things in the same place every day. Having a designated space means no one has to hunt for that missing notebook or elusive backpack. Everyone can just grab and go (as long as you followed step 1!). Posting a checklist (use pictures for non/early readers) on or by the door also empowers your child to take responsibility for themselves. Show your child how to check that they have each item on the list before they declare they are ready to go.

4. Cut yourself some slack

Even if you follow these steps to the letter, your family will still have bad mornings. For every morning that goes right there will at some point be at least one where NOTHING does. Here’s where step 2 comes in. If you are awake and centered, you stand a much better chance of remaining calm amongst the chaos. But even if you get swept up, it’s ok. A routine requires practice, and there’s always another opportunity for you to nail it!

A preschool program that prepares your child

At Primary Beginnings, creating and practicing daily routines is a core part of our preschool curriculum at both our Raleigh locations. Our highly-qualified teachers will help establish and reinforce these essential skills, and ensure your child is ready for the next step in their education.