Raleigh Fourth of July Fun with Preschoolers

Raleigh Preschool Fourth of JulyThere are many ways for your family to enjoy the Fourth of July beyond fireworks displays. Our Raleigh preschool, Primary Beginnings, offers fun and creative way to celebrate the Fourth of July with preschoolers.

Make it a Learning Experience

Teach your children about the Fourth of July by enjoying books on the subject from the Wake County libraries or local bookstore. Let the Yankee Doodle song be your guide to talking about revolutionary times. Practice with a beach towel to show them the proper way to fold an American Flag, and introduce them to Betsy Ross. On a map, point out the original 13 colonies that the strips on the flag represent.

Happy Birthday Party for America

Your toddler may not fully understand the concept of independence and the history behind the Fourth of July, but they probably love birthday parties. Celebrate the day with a birthday party for America. Blueberries and strawberries are a healthy snack that you can shape into the American flag together, with mini marshmallows or cheese for the stars and stripes. Play patriotic music and march along to the tunes. We have lots of Fourth of July craft ideas on our Pinterest page to incorporate into the party.

Attend a Parade

Make your own flags or decorate a bike or wagon to bring along to the parade. Coffee cans can be decorated and used as drums to play along with the bands. You can view footage from previous parades on YouTube and point out different groups that are marching in the parade. Ask your children questions like “Why do fire fighters march in a parade? Why do people salute military people when they march by?” and help them understand the answers. Go to VisitRaleigh.com for a listing of Raleigh Fourth of July events for kids.

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