Practicing Our Listening Skills

November 27th marks the National Day of Listening holiday and our preschools around Raleigh will be participating in the event by teaching kids valuable listening skills. Preschool Listening Skills

How Do You Teach a Preschooler Listening Skills?

The most important step to teach your child to be a good listener is show him/her that YOU are a good listener! There are also additional ways to interact with a preschooler to develop their listening skills including:
  1. Read aloud. Reading to a child is one of the most fundamental ways to help him/her improve their listening skills. For reinforcement, at the end of each page, ask simple questions about what you just read to test whether they were listening.
  2. Show and Tell. Have the children take turns holding a toy or item from home and have them tell the class a story around the object. Show the children that you are also listening by quietly paying attention while each child talks.
  3. Play Simon Says. The Simon Says game is an old favorite and useful for helping children understand the importance of listening. If they aren't listening carefully to "Simon" they could lose the game!

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