Preschool Learning in the Summertime

Fun Activities for Preschoolers in the Summer

Sending your children to preschool gives them a strong foundation for kindergarten and future learning. But the learning doesn’t have to stop in the classroom! There are plenty of warm weather activities that are fun and enhance important skills for children. Here are some great picks for easy and beneficial summer fun:

  • Artwork: Take some time to find coloring books, set up a paint station, or do some crafts. Gluing noodles, beads, or buttons to paper is another way to enhance creativity and imagination.
  • Cooking and baking: Mixing up a cake or letting your little one help make lasagna are both ways to help them learn the importance of following instructions, how to measure, and a little math.
  • Swim lessons: Enrolling your kid(s) in swim lessons helps them build an important life skill, allows them to socialize, and helps build coordination.
  • Sandcastles: On your beach vacation or playground trips, make sure you bring buckets and shovels to play in the sand. Building a castle uses imagination and is a fun way to learn to sculpt Cooking Preschooler in Raleigh, NC and mold something according to your vision.
  • Puzzles & board games: Games help with learning to take turns, following instructions, and often get kids thinking. Puzzles help children learn shape recognitions, strengthen memory, and build problem solving abilities.
  • Fish tank: Goldfish are inexpensive and easy to take care of! Before you run out and buy a beta fish or something else, make sure you read about what they require and what kinds of fish they can coexist with in a tank. Setting up a fish tank, feeding the fish daily, and cleaning the tank, help children learn responsibility.
  • Gardening: Planting seeds also teaches responsibility and begins to introduce kids to topics they will learn in science classes. They will learn that plants need sunlight, water, and the right soil to grow.
  • Strawberry picking: Visiting a strawberry farm is like an at home field trip. After you pick strawberries, you can also make them into pies or shortcake together.
  • Hiking: A walk through nature is a perfect way to identify new bugs, critters, and plants while getting some exercise.

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