Celebrating Earth Day With Our Raleigh Preschoolers

Every year, on April 22, we get together and celebrate the wonderful planet we live on. This day has become nationally known as Earth Day. From gardening to creating crafts from recycled materials, celebrating and bettering our planet is something we at Primary Beginnings celebrate every day, but this year, as our Raleigh preschools celebrate Earth Day with our kids, we thought it would be cool to share a little bit about the history of the holiday. raleigh earth day

How Earth Day Got Started

In 1970, the modern-day environmental movement began. After a large oil spill in 1969, a Wisconsin Senator founded a movement to raise awareness about air and water pollution. 20 million Americans participated in demonstrations to create a healthy, sustainable environment. Every year since people from all over come together on April 22 to celebrate the planet and raise awareness of choices that can improve and protect our environment.

Modern Day Earth Day

Today, Earth Day is celebrated in many ways; planting trees, riding bikes, or recycling old products. Environmental groups and organizations have formed all over to help keep raise awareness of pollutants, practices, and other harmful practices that endanger the planet.

How our Raleigh Preschool Celebrates Earth Day

At Primary Beginnings, we like to promote the importance of keeping this Earth clean and healthy. Our preschoolers participate in a variety of activities that encourage eco-friendly practices. Each of our child care centers have an outdoor garden for our kids to plant, care for, and grow flowers and plants. We also teach our children the importance of recycling by making different art projects using recycled materials. We also read books about Earth and talk about ways we can reduce the pollutants in the air. Every year, we look forward to celebrating our planet with our kids.

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