Teaching Your Toddlers How to Write

teaching toddlers to writeWriting is one of our favorite things to teach our Raleigh preschoolers. Once they learn their alphabet, everything from how to hold the pencil to writing their names is exciting for their developing brains. You can work with your toddlers on developing their writing skills at home with these tips. Practice and encourage strengthening their hands and grip. Children can practice gripping pens, markers, scissors, and other arts and crafts supplies. Crayons and coloring books are a fun way for toddlers to practice gripping a writing tool. The more they use these items, the better they will get at holding them and controlling them. Certain activities such as playing with play-doh are also good ways of strengthening the hand muscles. Grab a plain white sheet of paper and have your preschooler watch you write a word or letters. Write lightly so your child can practice tracing the letters a few times. Check your toddler’s work when they are done and praise them for correct work and encourage them to continue practicing. When teaching your child how to write their alphabet, you don’t have to go in alphabetical order. Start with letters that easier first, and then transition to the trickier letters. Establishing hand control on the easier letters will help toddlers to master the whole alphabet. You can also have them practice writing different size letters. Start with big letters and then make the same letter in all sizes for them to trace. Patience and encouragement is key when working with toddlers on their development. Lots of practice and appropriate rewarding for a good job will have them writing their names and other words clearly. They’ll be proud of their new handwriting skills, and you’ll be proud too.

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