Transitioning Your Preschooler to Kindergarten

preschool to kindergarten transition As much as you want your preschoolers to stay young, they will eventually be going to Kindergarten before you know it. As a parent, this can be a major milestone and can be a tough transition for both you and your little one. As sad as our Raleigh preschool teachers are to see our students move on, we work to make the transition as easy as possible for our preschoolers. Our curriculum is designed to give preschoolers confidence and high self-esteem in their emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. New kindergarteners can be nervous about making friends, having a new teacher, and having a more academic environment. When they feel confident in their ability to transition successfully, it eases the process. So at Primary Beginnings, we work to strengthen those skills. At home, it’s important to talk to your child about the transition to Kindergarten. Be positive about the changes, even if you want to cry on their first day. They won’t have the same friends they had in preschool, or the same teacher, which can cause anxiety for young kids. Kindergarten orientation can be a good opportunity to talk with other parents and introduce your kids. When your child gets home from school, take some time in the evening to sit down and talk about their day. Let them tell you what they learned or show you what projects they made, just like you did with preschool. It will take some time for your kindergartener to adjust to the differences from pre-k, but instilling confidence in your child can help them be more comfortable.

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Primary Beginnings uses The Creative Curriculum to prepare preschoolers for kindergarten. We focus on building their social, emotional, physical, and communication development to give them the confidence to transition. Contact one of our two Raleigh preschool locations to schedule a tour.