Wake County SmartStart Biennial Report

Wake County SmartStart ReportThe Wake County SmartStart program believes that young children deserve the opportunity to be healthy and prepared for success in school and in life. Research concludes that the early years of life are critical because early experiences affect the architecture of the maturing brain. Primary Beginnings President, Lara Siffer, was mentioned in the most recent Wake County SmartStart report. She is quoted as saying, "Wake County SmartStart has provided us with resources over the last 10 years to help us achieve high quality care and education for our children. It takes a foundation to build a house or it would crumble as soon as it was built. We have built a strong foundation for our centers and SmartStart helped build the footings. SmartStart has collaborated with us through Quality Enhancement to update our classrooms and to help us move forward. From Health Consultants and Quality Initiatives to NC Pre-K mentoring and training, Wake County SmartStart has helped us build a solid foundation for the children of our future. At Primary Beginnings we have a strong passion to advocate with our political leaders to do the right thing and help us provide programs that ensure children will be successful in school and in life. Without Wake County SmartStart, our foundation would for sure be shaky!" Download and read the full report! WCSS_Biennial_Report_Final.pdf