Choosing an Infant Child Care Program

Choosing an infant child care program can be stressful. It's important to find the perfect provider to take care of your precious angel. Raleigh Infant Child Care To help you make the best decision for you and your family, use this checklist to help narrow down your child care options.

Infant Child Care Checklist

Daily Schedule

  • Are infants allowed to nap, eat, and play at their leisure?
  • Is there one-on-one interaction between caregiver and infant?
  • Will parents receive a report on their infant’s day?
  • Is tummy time scheduled throughout the day?


  • Do infants have their own crib?
  • Are infants able to sleep according to their own needs?


  • Are changing areas clean and ventilated?
  • Are changing areas away from feeding areas?
  • Do caregivers wash hands after each changing?
  • Is the changing table cleaned after each changing?


  • Is the center bright, cheery and clean?
  • Do children have room to move about?
  • Are their safety measures in place? IE: electrical outlets are covered, gates at stairwells and doorways, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, cleaning supplies are out of reach.

Health & Safety

  • Are sick infants supervised? And are parents called immediately?
  • Is there an updated first aid kit on site?
  • Are health records complete and on-file?
  • Is there an evacuation plan? And are fire drills practiced?

Licensed & Certified

  • Is the program licensed by the State of North Carolina?
  • Is the license posted for you to review?
  • Does the center follow appropriate program requirements?


  • Is the program reliable and responsible?
  • Does your child like the provider?


  • How are infants enrolled?
  • Is there a credit for sick/vacation days?
  • Do you like the discipline policy?
  • Are you able to visit anytime?
  • Can infants visit before enrolling?
These are just a sample of the types of questions you should ask child care providers you are interviewing to watch your child. Make sure you thoroughly research all programs before making a decision; you have to feel comfortable leaving your bundle of joy with whomever you choose. Learn more about our infant child care, and then contact us to schedule a tour! We have two locations in Raleigh – North Hills and Spring Forest.