DIY Halloween Costumes for Preschoolers

Halloween is right around the corner, and preschoolers all over Raleigh are deciding what to dress up as this year. Or maybe they’ll change their mind last minute about what they want to be. Either way, you don’t have to go out and spend a bunch of money on a costume they’ll wear once. Use your resources around the house and try these cute, DIY Halloween costumes for kids. kids halloween costumes

Superheroes – Use a plain shirt and let them choose what letter or emblem they want to put on the front of their shirt. Use a pillow case, blanket, or other piece of fabric as a cape, and get a superhero eye mask, or make your own by cutting some eye holes and into a thin piece of fabric you can tie around their eyes. You can let them “customize” their superhero and let them choose their super powers

Flamingo – Start with a pink shirt or dress and pink tights. Then cut up 5-6 pink feather boas (you can get these at the dollar store) and tie them to a ribbon, letting the sides dangle down to make a skirt. Wrap one feather boa around the shoulders and neck. Finish off with a sparkly headband or pink head piece.

Black Cat – Dress up a plain black shirt and pants with some black tulle around the ankles and around the waist. Use a black tie or other piece of long black fabric to create a tail. All you’ll need to buy is some cat ears and use some black make-up to draw on a kitty nose and whiskers.

Cowboy or Cowgirl – Put your little one in a plaid button down, jeans, cowboy boots, and cowboy hat. Add some rope for a lasso if you’ve got some. Don’t forget the big belt buckle. For girls, braid some pigtails and mix it up with a skirt and cowgirl boots.

Work Out Trainer – Dress your preschooler up in a t-shirt or cut off tank top, gym shirts and tennis shoes. Add a sweat band around their head and wrists.

There are lots of creative ways to use materials you have laying around the house to dress up your toddlers. Check out our Pinterest Page to see more cool costume ideas for preschoolers.

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