How to Ease the Upset When an Older Sibling Goes to School

How to Ease the Upset When an Older Sibling Goes to School

No matter how much they may fight, terrorize, or annoy each other, siblings in their younger years especially are truly each other’s best friends. They spend endless amounts of time together and always naturally gravitate toward each other.

So, it is no surprise that when school comes around and a younger sibling is left at home or at a daycare by themselves while the older sibling must go to school, this is not an easy adjustment. This often brings about tears, sadness, and much confusion. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to ease these negative emotions. 

8 tricks to Help Your Toddler Adjust to Their Older Sibling Going to School

Talk to Your Child About the Upcoming Changes Before They Happen

This will help your child understand what is going to happen and give them time to prepare themselves for the adjustment.

Buy Your Younger Child Some School Supplies Too

Having school supplies to match their older sibling can help to still create a sense of togetherness. At times when they might be upset, remind your child that they can use their pens and pencils at home too, just like their older sibling!

Bring Your Child to Open House Events

When a younger child actually sees the classroom and where their older sibling is spending their time, this helps your child to further comprehend what their sibling is doing and understand the adjustment. This will also prepare them for their own time at school.

Arrange Playdates for Your Child with Kids Their Own Age

This will help them to get adjusted to spending time with kids their age rather than older siblings, and also distract them from any feelings of missing their sibling.

Do One-on-One Activities with Your Child

This is not only a good distraction, but makes your child feel special. Color together, play some outdoor educational games, go to the park, and focus your attention directly on your child. If you need some fun ideas, our blog has several examples of different one-on-one activities that your younger child will absolutely love!

Change Any Sad Thoughts to Positive Thoughts

At times when your child is feeling sad, help them to switch those thoughts from the negative to the positive. Instead of them thinking, “I miss my brother or sister,” help them to think instead, “I get to see my brother or sister really soon and show them my new craft!”

Read Books About the School Experience Together

There are plenty of fun children’s books out there that discuss what it’s like to go to school. Read these with your younger child and explain that that is what their older sibling is doing when they go to school. This will also help them understand what their older sibling is experiencing while they are away from home and lessen any confusion.

Have the Older Sibling Spend Quality Time with Their Younger Sibling

When your older child gets home, have them spend some quality time with their younger sibling. Explain to the older sibling that their younger sibling really missed them and would love some quality time together.

Our Childcare Can Help Your Child Have A Fun Time Even Without Their Older Sibling!

At Primary Beginnings, we know that being separated from an older sibling is not the best feeling. So, our team does whatever it takes to distract your child from those sad feelings and provide them with a fun and exciting experience. Contact us today at either of our two Raleigh locations to come see what our daycare is all about, or for any questions or concerns you may have.