Nutrition Education for Preschoolers

We are pleased to partner with North Carolina State University on their Nutrition Understanding Through Service outreach program. The program focuses on obesity prevention for parents and their preschool-aged children.

Learning About Nutrition

NCSU student volunteers visit Primary Beginnings each week to read nutrition and health related books to our preschool students. The program includes hands on lessons, such as passing around freshly-picked vegetables so the children can enjoy the texture, shape, and colors of non-processed food. They sing songs about fruit and vegetables. The preschoolers also get to enjoy the taste of food without the aid of ranch dressing, ketchup, or being fried.

Nutrition Beyond the Classroom

We extend nutrition education beyond the classroom with activities like our recent strawberry picking at Page Farm. We take other day care fieldtrips around Raleigh to places like farmers markets, corn mazes, and pumpkin patches. This gives the children a chance to see first-hand where their food comes from.

Getting Exercise

We complement our nutrition education programs with exercise. On nice days, the toddlers go outside for an hour or more of fun outdoor activities. Local athletes are invited in to coordinate basketball, soccer games and obstacle courses. On rainy days we make areas available in the hallway so that children can still get their exercise. We make trips to local parks to enjoy activities like climbing, swinging and jumping rope. At Primary Beginnings, we are dedicated to providing a safe, stable, nurturing and healthy educational program for children to grow and learn. Our two Raleigh preschool locations serve healthy snacks to your infant, toddler and pre-k children to start healthy eating habits early on.