Ways to Keep Your Preschooler Learning Throughout Summer

Summer is here! And a majority of preschoolers and school-age children are about to embark on a three month binge of watching tv and playing video games. This is typically known as the "Summer Slide", as students are not engaged in educational materials or activities, often losing mathematical and verbal skills previously learned.

Summer Programs at Primary Beginnings Raleigh

Parents can prevent the effects of the "Summer Slide" with these tips:
  • Enroll your child in a summer camp program. Summer camp programs provide children opportunities to learn in a fun and engaging environment. With many different types of camps available, children can attend camps that interest them, whether they love science, math or filmmaking. Not only are they learning, but also having fun and interacting with other kids who have similar interests.
  • Sign up for a summer reading program at your local library. Summer reading programs are beneficial to kids of all ages as it encourages them to read all the time, not just when school is in session. Children are able to pick out the books they want to read, helping them learn to love reading while growing their vocabulary.
  • Buy educational workbooks. Educational workbooks can help supplement what kids have learned throughout the school year, reinforcing the material so they are ready to learn new topics in the fall. Asking your children's teacher for math and reading resources is the best way to keep your child on track.
  • Visit historical landmarks while traveling. Many families use the summer to visit extended family and friends who live in different cities or states. This is a great time to tour historical landmarks, museums and learn the history of wherever you travel to. Susan from Rooted Mama Health recommends if you don't have any travel plans, taking kids to local museums and landmarks will reinforce their love for where they live and give them more history on their city.
Summertime should be about about fun. So whichever educational resources you choose to keep your child learning this summer, make sure it allows your child to have fun - that way they're love for learning will continue to grow. For more information about educational summertime resources or about our summer camp and daycare programs, contact our North Hills or Spring Forest location.