Information for Parents of Preschoolers

The teachers and staff at Primary Beginnings prioritize transparent communication with parents of preschoolers. In doing so, we aim to reassure you that your child is safe, receiving a quality education, and the 5-star care our Raleigh preschool is known for. 

Primary Beginnings has three 5-star child care centers in Raleigh that either both part-time or full-time child care for infants, pre-kindergarten ages, preschoolers, and after-school care for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Spanish Lessons For our Preschoolers

Learning Spanish at a young age has many advantages. Being able to communicate with more people, understanding other cultures better, and having an edge in the job market are just some of the benefits of starting early. Primary Beginnings is one of Raleigh NC’s leading preschools that offers Spanish lessons for children between two and four years old. This provides your child with an opportunity to learn a new language in a fun and engaging way. With the help of Primary Beginnings, your child can become bilingual or trilingual and open up a world of possibilities.

So why wait? Enroll your little one in Primary Beginnings and begin their journey of learning Spanish.

Preschool Resources for Parents of Preschoolers

  • See your child’s daily report, view photos and videos of your child learning, and never miss a special moment with link id=2562]Procare Connect.[/link] Parents of preschoolers especially like our Procare Connect because it reassures them that their child is having fun and learning.
  • Take a virtual tour of one of our Raleigh preschool locations.
  • View our photo gallery.
  • Contact our preschools in Raleigh.

FAQ by Parents of Preschoolers:

What is your student-to-teacher ratio?

Our Raleigh childcare center prioritizes a small student-to-teacher ratio so your child can receive the best education possible, ask questions, and communicate with their teacher. Our typical student-to-teacher ratio is 5:1 for young preschoolers.

Are your teachers certified to give CPR and first-aid as needed?

Yes! Rest assured, our teachers and staff are all certified to give CPR and first-aid if your child ever needs it.

What is your discipline policy?

Our teachers are well-versed in dealing with problems that may arise in the classroom. For one, our Raleigh teachers teach children to share, and handle their emotions properly. Our discipline is always done so professionally and calmly. For example, we may have your child sit in time-out if they say something unkind to another student.

How much time will my child spend outside?

Primary Beginnings ensures your child spends a healthy amount of time outdoors each day! Your child will get to play on the playground and exercise each day.

Are meals provided at your Raleigh child care center?

Yes! We provide nutritious snacks for children as well as nourishing meals. If your child has an allergy, please let your teacher know so they can ensure your child doesn’t consume something that they are allergic to.

Is your Raleigh preschool licensed?

Primary Beginnings in Raleigh provides certified 5-star child care and our complete list of accreditations is listed on this page. In short, we are licensed for NCLCCA, NCCA, NAEYC, and many more. Our teachers understand that starting your child at a new preschool is daunting, so we aim to make both parents of preschoolers and their children feel as safe and comfortable as possible.

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