Signs of Spring to Look For With Your Preschooler

signs of spring in raleighThe changing of seasons can be an exciting time for toddlers. It also provides a good educational opportunity for them to learn about the seasons and what the signs of each season are. As Spring rolls in, make it a point to look for different signs of spring everyday with your preschooler. Here are a few ideas on different signs you guys can look for:
  • Blooming flowers and trees
  • Bird nests being built
  • Singing birds
  • Caterpillars and insects out and about
  • Butterflies
  • Budding fruit trees
  • Baby animals being born
  • Green grass
  • Rain and rainbows
  • Blue sky
Make a game and keep count of how many signs of Spring you see every day. The later in the season you get, the more signs you’ll see. Watch flowers start out as buds and transition into full bloom. When you see birds’ nests, look for eggs that you can watch until they hatch. Talk to your kids about the different things that happen when warmer weather comes in. You can even spend the day outside going on a scavenger hunt for signs of Spring, or make art projects reflecting different aspects of Spring. Make the season changes an exciting thing for your preschooler, and you too!

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