Snow Day Activities for Preschoolers

Raleigh snow day activities for toddlersThe first snow can be exciting for toddlers. In the event that our Raleigh preschool closes for inclement weather, here are some snow day activities that you can do with your little ones, even if there isn’t a whole lot of snow. Build a cardboard box fort – Kids love to play in cardboard boxes. You can usually get empty cardboard boxes from a local store and get some duct tape, and start constructing. Your child gets to use their imagination as they build their dream fort, decorate it, and play in it for hours. Make snowmen - Depending on how much snow actually accumulates, these may have to be mini-snowmen. Gather things around the house to use for eyes, nose, mouth, and accessories. Have your toddler give their snowman a name, and a background story, and dress them up to really get the creativity flowing. Make it snow inside – Without the mess, gather some paper, scissors, glue, glitter, and whatever else you want. Cut out snowflakes out of paper, add some glitter or other fun supplies if you want. Hang them up in your house to make it “snow” inside. Primary Beginning’s has two five star-rated preschool locations in Raleigh. Contact our Spring Forest or North Hills location to set up a tour, or find out more information about our curriculum.