February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Raleigh Preschool Brushing TeethThe American Dental Association (ADA) really focuses on the importance of children’s dental health in the month of February. At Primary Beginnings, we love to see our Raleigh preschoolers’ big, bright smiles, so we encourage our parents to work with their children on keeping those pearly whites healthy. Children’s dental health is extremely important, especially in the young stages of teeth and jaw development. As children grow older, and teeth start to come in, it’s important to make sure that their teeth are growing in the right position. Routine dental check-ups with your family dentist can make sure that the oral development is on the right track. The ADA recommends routine visits twice a year (every 6 months) and oral x-rays once a year to monitor the development of children’s teeth. Your dentist will talk to your child about healthy habits, such as brushing properly and regularly, flossing, and fluoride treatments. Your dentist will also advise staying away from eating too much candy or sugary foods that can cause tooth decay. Practicing these healthy habits will help prevent cavities, tooth decay, and mouth and gum disease that can lead to further health problems such as stroke or heart disease. Routine check-ups can also notice and monitor any tooth alignment issues or other oral health issues that can cause serious damage in the future. The best way to prevent these types of problems is early detection, which is why it is important to educate your child on the need to go to the dentist. Help keep our Raleigh preschool full of the biggest, brightest smiles by encouraging your toddler to brush and floss daily, and to visit the dentist twice a year. As upset as they may get during the visit, the rest of the year they will be proud to show off a healthy, white mouthful of teeth. Visit one of our two North Raleigh preschool locations to learn more about our five-star rated child care centers. Contact us today to set up a tour or to get more information.