Springtime Activities for Children

April 2, 2015

Spring is here and it’s time to celebrate the warmer weather, sunshine, and budding flowers. Our Raleigh preschool likes to incorporate special spring time activities to do with our preschoolers. From planting a garden to finger painting, our preschool teachers are full of fun ideas to encourage your toddler’s development and creativity. Here are some other springtime activities for children you can try at home. spring-activities-for-kids

Sun Marble Painting

Needed Materials: paper cut into large circles, yellow and orange paint (watered down), marbles, box covers

Directions: Place paper circles in box covers, and add some paint. Let children move the box around so the marble rolls all around and paints the sun. When the paint dries, add google eyes, or cut strips of colored paper to add as sun rays.

Spring Time Nature Walk

Take a walk with your toddler around your neighborhood or the park and look for signs of spring; birds chirping, flowers blooming, trees budding. Talk about the different signs you see and what causes them to happen around spring time.

Cupcake Flower Activity

Needed Materials: Cupcake papers, seeds, construction papers (green and regular), glue, scissors

Directions: Cut a stem and leaves out of the green construction paper and glue to the regular construction paper. Glue the cupcake paper to the top of the stem as the flower. Dab glue in the center of the flower and sprinkle seeds on top.  After the glue dries, have your child add any other details, like a sun, birds, clouds, grass, etc.

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