Water Safety Precautions for Children

Raleigh Preschool Water SafetyOur Raleigh child care center takes safety very seriously, and that includes water safety. Young children can drown in just an inch of water, so parents need to be vigilant whenever their children are outside; not just when at a pool or lake.

Water Safety for Children

Toddlers love playing in water and their curious nature leads to lots of exploration. A bucket of water, low birdbath, or plastic children’s wading pool can be fun for them to splash around in. Toddlers need to be watched carefully around these items or any large open container of water or other liquid. An unattended bathtub with only a few inches of water can also be a drowning hazard for toddlers. Enrolling your Raleigh preschooler in baby water class around the age of 3 or 4 can start to give them a sense of how to be comfortable and safe in and around the water. Rex Healthcare, YMCA, and Aqua-Tots offer swim classes for toddlers in the Raleigh area. Playing in water can be fun for kids, as long as parents and teachers are safe about it. In the presence of any water, constant adult supervision is a must.

About Primary Beginnings

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