Building Essential Learning Skills at Home

Preschool and kindergarten are both big steps in your child’s life. They should enjoy their time spent at school and look forward to coming in each day. Practicing some good habits at home can help prepare them for changes to come.

Rewarding Hard Work and Good Behaviors

Positive reinforcement is a way for teachers to reward good behavior. You can also enforce this preschool activities in Raleigh NCconcept in your own home. Each time your child completes chores, cleans their room, or feeds the dog, offering them a small prize helps them understand positive reinforcement. Examples of prizes include small treats, stickers, a simple new toy, getting to watch their favorite movie, or simply words of praise.

Coordination and Motor Skills

Part of early education includes fine tuning motor skills. During school, children will be using pencils, paintbrushes, learning to tie knots, and building with blocks. Introducing these activities at home will give them a heads up and better idea of how to work with their hands.

Following Instructions and Steps

Worksheets and crafts are popular preschool and kindergarten activities. Each requires children to understand following steps to complete tasks. Instead of trying worksheets at home, try activities that naturally require following directions. For instance, baking cookies or planting a garden could be a fun way to follow instructions. Practicing each of these skills at home can make your little one feel more prepared at school so that they can enjoy the learning experience. Primary Beginnings offers an educational child care environment where kids look forward to coming in each day. Our curriculum is built around creativity and motivates children to enjoy learning.