10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day

Picture of a mother and daughter doing yoga on Family Health and Fitness Day.

Preschools, public parks, and afterschool programs are all gearing up for Family Health and Fitness Day on June 11, 2022. It’s a day that promotes the importance of being outdoors and keeping communities healthy and active.

When was the last time you went on a hike with your family or spent the day playing outside? With all that life throws at us, it can be hard to carve out active time with our families. But, this day acts as a reminder to make time to teach your kids the importance of fitness.

As you gear up to celebrate, here are 10 fun ways to spend the day getting fit as a family!

Family Health and Fitness Day Activities

Take a Hike or Walk

If you have a hiking trail in your area, take the family for a hike. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. You can burn hundreds of calories depending on your body size and how far you hike.

Walking is another exercise to get moving as a family. If your little ones aren’t quite walking yet, you can put them in a stroller and take them for an extra-long walk. Everyone else has to lace up their sneakers and get moving!

Outdoor Play Day

Everyone can be a kid again with an outdoor play day. Visit a local park in Raleigh that you normally pass by on the way to work. Breaking out of the regular routine can give you a sense of relaxation - almost like you're on a staycation with your family.

Or, celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day by transforming your own backyard! Break out the frisbees, jump ropes, bouncy balls, and whatever else you have. Create an outdoor play space that your kids will love while you take a trip back in time and see if you can jump rope like you used to do.


If you have a pool, it’s time to take a swim! Family swim time can be tons of fun as you all cool off and get some exercise. You can even play games like “Marco Polo”. Don’t forget pool volleyball!

Is your child not a strong swimmer? Check out these pool safety tips for preschoolers.

Slip and Slide Contests

When there’s no pool around, a slip and slide contest is another option. Kids love slip and slides (adults too!). See who can slide the longest while having a ton of fun.

Family Bike Ride

Whether you’re riding around the neighborhood or you have a nature trail to enjoy, bike riding is fun for the entire family. For little ones who can’t quite ride, look for seats that can attach to your bike so they can go along for the ride. 

Hit the Outdoor Gym

Who says you can only work out indoors? Bring the gym outside for the ultimate outdoor gym. Bring your weights and other equipment outdoors for a family workout. Even the little ones can take part by doing some easy non-weighted activities. As long as everyone is moving together, it’s a win-win.

Sack Races

Chances are you had a sack race or two while you were growing up, so why not let your kids have a try? Grab some pillowcases and set a finish line in the yard. Show the kids how to jump in and get hopping. You can play for fun or have a small prize at the end. There’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition. 


Here’s another oldie but goodie. Kickball is a fun game to get those legs moving as you run around the yard. Kids enjoy it because it’s easy to play.

Water Balloon Tosses

Who doesn’t love a water balloon toss? This is fun for all ages as you toss the balloon and see who pops it. Plus, it’s a good way to keep cool.

Build a Backyard Obstacle Course

While this one takes a little more effort, it’s well worth it. You can set up age-appropriate obstacles in the yard as the family wiggles, jumps, and maneuvers their way through. Look for items around the house that you can use in your obstacle course. The idea is to make it fun and get the family moving.

As you can see, there are plenty of activities the whole family can do together for family health and fitness day. As long as you’re moving and learning together as a family, you can be doing anything that promotes wellness!

Health and Wellness Activities at Primary Beginnings

At Primary Beginnings, we believe in keeping kids’ minds and bodies active. This is why we provide extracurricular activities to provide physical fitness and encourage motor development. 

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